If Social Conservatives Are Silenced….What Then?

Disclaimer: This diary post is not intended to express the views of all individuals who profess to be social conservatives.

Most of the social conservatives I know respect and appreciate traditional values and principles, such as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, sincerity, generosity, courage, dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, faithfulness, self-reliance, personal accountability, prudence, wisdom, perseverance, hopefulness, patience, forbearance, loyalty….the list of values and principles is long, many beyond what I have listed here. Each of these principles can be displayed in human behavior, i.e. they are elements of strong, positive human character development. Each of these principles is also directly associated with underlying moral and ethical values based on absolute standards rather than relative standards.

I’m going to ask those reading this diary to stop for a moment and genuinely think about the kinds of principles and values that I’ve listed so far. Regardless of what the public opinion might be of social conservatives in general, do these principles when applied to human behavior play a positive role in our society as a whole? Yes, they do, regardless of whether the situational context is in education, military, business, political or just plain old everyday routine events that occur in our lives on a day to day basis. Do social conservatives have exclusive rights to these kinds of qualities and traits? No, these character traits can be developed and exhibited by anyone who chooses these principles as a basis on which to live their lives.

Do social conservatives always succeed in measuring up to these absolute moral and ethical standards? No. There are many occasions in which we can and do fail. This is where the principle of personal accountability comes into play. Personal accountability involves looking at our actions as objectively as we can and evaluating these actions against an absolute standard of moral behavior. We hold ourselves accountable first and foremost regarding our success or failure in meeting those standards. If and when we fail to meet these standards, we have to hold ourselves accountable for that failure, admit this failure to ourselves, and if necessary, openly admit this failure to those around us so that we can set the record straight and move forward in the direction of restoring trust and confidence. Failure is always a test of character where we have to evaluate where our priorities have been, where they should have been, how we lost focus on those absolute standards, what things may and/or may not have provided temptations or distractions to us that influenced our actions, and then dig deep into the hearts and minds of who we are, gathering our strength and courage to move forward past that failure with renewed vigor.

Hopefully the comments that I’ve made so far provide an explanation about the kind of mindset and viewpoint that social conservatives may have and how this influences their actions.

In the situation our country is facing, I’m hearing many things about the conflict that exists over issues such as abortion and the status of traditional marriage. These are important issues to social conservatives in general, and I do understand these concerns. But to be genuinely honest, I’m far more concerned about the amoral mindset and lack of personal accountability that is being displayed by so many individuals who have been elected into public office.

The word “amoral” quite literally means “without morals”. A person who has an amoral mindset or viewpoint does not take moral or ethical considerations into context in evaluating how they should respond to situations. There are no definitives of right versus wrong, good versus evil, truth versus lie, etc. that exists in their thought processes. Dishonesty, deceitfulness, theft, perjury, embezzlement, illegal activity, betrayal of trust, misuse/abuse of authority along with many other things are “deemed” to be “acceptable behavior” in their own minds. There is no need for personal accountability where an amoral mindset exists because nothing about their own behavior is ever wrong for them to do.

These are our leaders, in positions of authority over us, and this is the kind of behavior that is being displayed. This presents a major issue for a lot of social conservatives, myself included. To what extent would I willingly to choose to follow the lead of someone who displays both an amoral mindset and a lack of personal accountability? I won’t. Regardless of the example that may be set for me in their attitude and actions, it would go against everything that I believe to be honest, right and true to conform to an amoral mindset and to adapt to an attitude that is totally lacking in personal accountability. I may find myself in situations where I am forced against my will to submit to the laws implemented by individuals who have this kind of mindset, but I will not WILLINGLY choose to follow their lead and neither am I in the least bit likely to PROACTIVELY support the policies they put into place.

There has been a lot of discussion lately with a primary emphasis being placed on silencing the voices of social conservatives. Okay, so I know that there are plenty of people in our country who have developed the attitude that traditional values are “archaic and conventional” and it is abundantly obvious in the comments that they make that they have a significant amount of disdain and contempt for these things. But are we as a society really to the point where this kind of attitude has developed into so much of prejudice and bias that these individuals can not see from an objective point of view how maintaining traditional values and principles in our nation contributes to the strength of our country as a whole?

If the voices of social conservatives are silenced…what happens then? What does this nation become? Will we completely and totally lose any and all moral compass in our society? Is this what the majority of people in this country would now choose for generations yet to come? Has any consideration been given to what the consequences of it might be if these values and principles are eradicated from our society?

As both a Christian and a social conservative, I am responsible for my own behavior. I am honor-bound by my own beliefs and convictions to do what it may be within my means to do to protect and preserve some semblance of absolute moral standards within my own realm of existence. The day may come when millions of voices, including my own, are silenced, but today is NOT that day. The time has NOT yet come. So for today and as many days as the door of opportunity remains open to me to do what I know beyond any shadow of doubt is RIGHT for me to do, then I will choose of my own accord and my own free will to do the best I can with what time I have.

I take comfort in this thought…that “With God, all things are possible”. What I may fail to achieve, He can succeed in doing, in His own way and His own time. Above and beyond all else, my hope and confidence lies in His strength and wisdom, far more than my own.

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