Conservative Innovation Can Contribute to Continuity of Leadership

This diary is primarily in response to a diary posted by Wonkish1 entitled “Conservative Innovation – The Long War”. Wonkish1’s diary emphasizes the concept that conservatives will have to become more creative and innovative in how we approach things if we want to resolve the issues our nations if facing.

Of all the peoples across the face of the globe who value individualism, liberty, freedom, independence and the free market enterprise system, the conservative sector of the population of the United States ARE that people. Simply by the very essence of our conservative principles and by our appreciation of the free market enterprise system, we are the people who have the greatest potential to genuinely LEAD in this area of life. It is possible that we could approach this in such a way that conservatism takes root and a continuity of conservative leadership will exist for generations to come. (See VB’s diary on continuity of leadership).

There are plenty of obstacles that we as conservatives are facing right now. This diary deals primarily with the obstacles of the dynamics in the relationship between modern day conservatives and our nation’s youth.

For many years now, progressives have gone out of their way to discredit conservatism. They have painted us as being “traditional, archaic, backwards-thinking, stuck in the past, racist, homophobic, resistant to change, incapable of valuing diversity, lacking in the creativity and ingenuity that would be needed to move this country forward in a position direction”, etc.

Since the days of Reagan, conservatives have been taking a reactive role in our society rather than a proactive role. By doing so, what continuity of conservative leadership may have existed was broken and now has to be re-established. Whether we like it or not, we as conservatives have to be realistic about the fact that, where the youth of our nation are concerned, they haven’t seen much in the form of strong, positive leadership on the conservative side of spectrum.

We’re already moving in the direction of becoming increasingly proactive and I’m extremely grateful to see it. What’s more, our progressive counterparts are make a serious error in judgment…we are not their daddy’s generation of conservatives. This generation of conservatives is just in the beginning stages of proving how effective we can be. We haven’t even started proving how creative and innovative we can be in presenting ways to resolve our nation’s issues, but this is coming. With each day that passes, a greater number of people are CHOOSING conservatism over socialism.

Democrats are also underestimating the young people of this nation. This is not a generation of citizens who can simply be told what to believe or what to think. They do question things, far more than generations in the past have been inclined to do. Not only can they observe what is taking place in our economy and see their career options dwindling, but they are able to research what is happening in other nations as well.

For example, all across the globe, nations are establishing Young Entrepreneurs Clubs (YEC) that provide an opportunity for future leaders to be knowledgeable, skilled and trained in financial management and capitalistic activities. There are YEC organizations in China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom, and India, along with many others, and a significant number of these clubs are being sponsored by the Communist Union for Youth. (Yes, you read that correctly!!!)

This raises an interesting question. Why would countries that have a political ideology in place that professes to set capitalism as the highest of all human evils develop YEC organizations encouraging capitalism?

The answer is that the purist form of this ideology isn’t perfect. It does have points of weakness. The social programs used within the scope of this ideology to allow government to establish the level of power and control that it desires are very expensive.

They’ve tried options such as lowering living expectations to mere survival, limiting their population growth, limiting the life span of citizens, and devaluing their currency. Each of these options succeeded to some extent, but not nearly enough. What it is coming down to at this point is that capitalism is becoming a “necessary evil that has to be endured for the sake of the society as a whole”.

Given what is already taking place in these nations, if it is going to come full circle anyway, then conservatives could very easily step into this leadership role NOW. What’s more, it is possible that we could do so in such a way that provides an opportunity for the youth of our nation to be exposed to conservative principles in action by developing our own youth entrepreneurial activities outreach.

I wasn’t that familiar with youth entrepreneurial activities in our country before I started doing research for this diary. At this point, I’m going to act on the premise that other people may not be familiar with this concept either. For the purpose of providing an example of what’s available, take a look at Junior Achievement .

This is an organization with facilities across the country. There are different curriculums provided for elementary, middle and high school levels. It starts with the simple concepts of money and builds up to fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurial development. At each level, the curriculum is broken down into different categories. For example, on a high school level, the categories are:

1 JA Banks in Action® 2 JA Be Entrepreneurial™

3 JA Business Ethics® 4 JA Careers with a Purpose®

5 JA Economics® 6 JA Exploring Economics®

7 JA Personal Finance® 8 JA Success Skills®

11 JA Titan® 12 JA Company Program® 13 JA Job Shadow®

If you can take a few minutes, connect with the links in this list. Each link provides a program summary of that particular portion of the curriculum, but there is no way to actually get a copy of the curriculum without volunteering to present a program course.

There are some elements of this program that appear to be fairly solid, meaning that it sticks with the facts rather than getting into political agenda. But there are other portions of the program that have a political agenda written all over it. In specific, take a look at the Business Ethics program summary. There seems to be a heavy-handed socialistic influence involved in the development of this portion of the program.

This is a new and exciting era for conservatives!!! We’ve proven ourselves to be effective on a grass roots level. This is where the one-on-one personal interaction and eye contact that VB mentions becomes invaluable. I have no doubt in my mind that if conservatives set out to find a way to become more proactively involved in interacting with our nation’s young people, we could easily succeed and prove progressives completely and totally wrong in the image they’ve painted of us in the process.

Opportunity isn’t just knocking at our door…it’s banging away with the force of a sonic boom!! We can be as creative and innovative as we choose to be!

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