Westboro Church Planning Protest At Victims’ Funerals

To all of us who mourn for and with the families of those who died during the events in Tucson on Saturday, we wish only for victims to be put to rest in peace now. For the love of all that is right and good in this world, we can still give them that much of dignity at least.

The Westboro Baptist Church apparently disagrees. They have announced that they plan to picket the funerals of the victims of this crime, particularly the funeral for 9-year-old Christina Green. Fred W. Phelps, the leader of this group, is reported as posting in a video on the church’s Website that he “thanks God for the “marvelous work in Tucson,” which he says is part of God’s vengeance on America. He says his church prays for “more shooters.. more dead.”

In response to this, Town Hall has posted that efforts are being made to erect a human barricade, protecting the family during the funeral services.

Mark Finelli, an Iraq War Veteran and 9/11 survivor has called veterans and citizens from all over the country to come to Tucson and block as a human shield the members of Westboro from getting anywhere near the family and friends of Green during funeral services Thursday.

Veteran Jonathan Grim is also helping to organize Tucson residents in conjunction with the local Smart Girl Politics chapter to support friends and families of victims.

Westboro Church has often threatened to boycott funerals only to back out on its plans at the last minute, but barricade organizers aren’t taking any chances. This is NOT a countering protest. It is simply to be an effort on the part of citizens to let families honor those they have lost in peace.

This group may claim to be a church, but there is NOTHING in this protest that is right or honorable.

They will only be feeding the flames of resentment, anger and bitterness that divide us.

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