New England’s “Gulf Oil Spill”…Could It Turn NE Red???

This story begins with my reading through Rush Limbaugh’s “Stack of Stuff Quick” and coming across the title “Barney Frank Throws Fit Over Fishing Regulations”. My first reaction was “What is Barney Frank up to now”?

The situation, however, isn’t funny at all. As Rush stated, this could be New England’s “gulf oil spill”, and the hard cold reality of it is that it means many more American citizens will be out of jobs.

A government organization, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has established regulations through the Magnuson-Stevens Act placing annual catch limits on specific species of fish for the purpose of building up fisheries (called the “catch-share” plan) . The issue in question is Amendment 16 of this piece of legislation pertaining to multispecies groundfisheries.

According to this letter written by Gov. Patrick Deval, the Secretary of the Department of Commerce, Mr. Gary Locke, had previously stated that he was “prepared to issue an emergency regulation to revise catch limits whenever there is both sufficient economic and sound scientific data to support such an emergency regulation”.

This brief commentary provided by MPBN states what happened from that point. (For those who don’t care to listen to a public radio commentary, here’s the printed version).

Gov. Deval presented scientific and economic data, just as he was requested. The appeal for emergency financial assistance was made and refused, as was the request to increase ACL. The response on the part of the state of Massachusetts has to been to file suit.

This is what Barney Frank is angry about, which is clearly displayed in this editorial he posted. The ladies of Maine are pretty upset about this as well. There was to be a meeting today at 4:00 p.m. I’ve been watching this site to see if the results of the meeting are posted, but there hasn’t been any news of yet.

Rush pointed out that given the goals of the current administration in undermining free-market activities, this really should catch anyone by surprise. I agree.

I’m wondering at this point, if the administration follows through with this, putting ecology over people’s livelihood’s again….could New England begin to turn RED????

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