Why Can’t Some Republican Representatives Just Say “Not Now” to Mass Transit?

That’s all they have to do is to say, “No, not now, we can’t afford it, mass transit isn’t our top priority. Our top priority is reducing the deficit, not increasing it”.

According to this article, the top two Republican members of the House Transportation Committee, Rep. Bull Shuster (R-PA) and Rep. John Mica (R-FL), are backing up President Obama’s high-speed rail initiative. Granted, they are warning the President to seek private investments in the project, but why they think Democrats are going to consider allowing private sector industries to be competitive in the development of high-speed rail projects is totally baffling.

Rep. Mica in particular should know that this isn’t likely to happen after the events that occurred on Friday when the TSA chief shut down private contractors from competing in provision of airport security services.

The Democratic Party claims of how this will be “best for America” and part of “Winning the Future” is just another excuse intended to cover up their desire to expand governmental power and increase the financial demands being placed on public funds.

The reality is that along with mass transit programs will come bloated bureaucratic agencies and increases in mass transit security union employees, both of which the taxpayers will be paying for out of public funds. We can’t afford the high-dollar programs we have now, much less to take on even greater expenditures.

If I was someone who used expletives in my speech, I’d let a string of them loose that could make a sailor blush!!!

Republicans, get the priorities in order before it is too late!!!

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