Obama’s New Speech to the Chamber of Commerce

Earlier today, President Obama gave a speech to the Chamber of Commerce (Yes, Again!!!). Here’s a link to the full context of the speech if you care to read it yourself.

Basically what is included in the speech is that America is a great nation with a history of being innovative and creative, of stimulating trade (not only to our own benefit but the benefit of other countries around the globe as well) and that what is needed is to restore confidence in both government and our economy, get back “on track” to move in the direction of preserving this legacy. For the most part, I can agree with all of this. He even acknowledges inefficiency on the part of our government regarding multiple organizations that operate for the same function and tie business expansion down in unnecessary red tape. (My take on this is that it is likely to be words only at this point. I’d love to be proven wrong on this, though).

But then there is the “sharing the wealth” that inevitably comes into play in just about every speech this President makes….

But we have to recognize that some common-sense regulations often will make sense for your businesses, as well as your families, as well as your neighbors, as well as your coworkers.  Of course, your responsibility goes beyond recognizing the need for certain standards and safeguards.  If we’re fighting to reform the tax code and increase exports to help you compete, the benefits can’t just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top.  They have to be shared by American workers, who need to know that expanding trade and opening markets will lift their standards of living as well as your bottom line…..

So if I’ve got one message, my message is now is the time to invest in America.  Now is the time to invest in America.  Today, American companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets.  And I know that many of you have told me that you’re waiting for demand to rise before you get off the sidelines and expand, and that with millions of Americans out of work, demand has risen more slowly than any of us would like.

In other words, “You greedy selfish capitalistic companies are sitting on all this money rather than sharing the wealth”.

The truth being told, the Chamber of Commerce does not dictate the laws of supply and demand in this country. At the present time, a lot of people are simply cautious in regards to the economy and they are being more prudent in how they spend money. This situational fact isn’t something that the Chamber of Commerce can resolve and it is unrealistic to even remotely suppose that they could do so.

Regarding the concept of sharing, even the staunchest of social conservatives will agree that sharing is a moral imperative that is needed in our society. It encourages us to be generous and prevents us from becoming totally self-centered and selfish.

But I am now weary to the bone of having government and business (through government) make use of moral imperatives (such as sharing, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, forbearance, etc.) as a means of persuading us (through false guilt) to conform to their own will, their own mindset, and their own low standards of behavior.

All that is being accomplished by it when we do give way is that it is used against our nation and our own people for political reasons, in the guise of what is being “best for society as a whole.”

It is time for this to end…past time, actually.

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