With Hypocrisy and Gov’t. Intervention on the Menu…I’ll Eat at Home

Okay, so it is Monday morning, and this is a small irritant compared to what is happening in Egypt…but I’m finding the total hypocrisy of the entire “nutritional debate” so extraordinarily ludicrous today that I just had to put some of these thoughts in black and white.

Most of us who have been paying attention know the subtle (and occasionally not-so-subtle) battle going on in the background about what we eat. For crying out loud, food consumption was used as part of the defendant’s claims to support PPACA legislation in Florida. The soon to be famous “broccoli” argument was even brought up in Congress.

Our First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, (and please notice that for the sake of my own self-respect, I’m attempting to at least act with common decency by NOT calling her a slang nickname), has been on a mission (or rampage, depending on your viewpoint) about the nutrition of our children. Taking toys out of Happy Meals encourages children to eat healthier? Okay, Mrs. Obama, whatever you say, ma’am. (/sarc)

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and there was a SB party at the White House. What was on the menu? Bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza and Buffalo wings with sides of German potato salad, twice-baked potatoes and assorted chips and dips, along with beer shipped in from Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Nice example of holding high nutritional standards, isn’t it?

Yes, I know, to some extent it is a matter of everything in moderation, correct? The hypocrisy and double standards are just a minor irritant and this too shall pass.

Then I get up this morning and find this article in which the National Restaurant Association and the First Lady’s team of nutritional task force advisers are working together to come to an agreement “in a bid to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children’s meals that include offerings healthier than French fries and soda”.

I really don’t have any qualms about it if the First Lady wants to make putting emphasis on nutrition versus childhood obesity as a goal, because the truth of matter is that there is evidence to indicate that we the people could pay more attention to the foods that our children eat. What I do object to is the indoctrination of children into a nanny state mentality through food options and the influence being exerted upon and through the National Restaurant Association by the Obamas as a means of accomplishing this goal.

Now, given the response of we the people to the bailout of the auto industry, and the many vows and promises made by so many of our citizens to “never, ever again by a GM or Chrysler vehicle”, I would think that businesses would get the message that even thought our government may mean well, business is still business, and if the business wants to remain both independent and financially solvent then perhaps government intervention and assistance isn’t the best way to go. (Pssst…in case they don’t get it yet, Americans for the most part have independent spirits and admire those who display the same.)

The ultimate irony of this is that there are already significant trends indicating that for financial reasons alone (not nutritional reasons), a greater number of people are currently engaging in an old-fashioned time-honored tradition of eating at home more often. If the restaurant sector continues to follow the government’s lead on intervention, this trend may increase even more. How horrifying is that, to think of families sitting down for a meal together, maybe even having conversations with each other and sharing things with each other….that’s totally shocking, isn’t it? (/sarc intended)

And so, on this Monday morning, conservatives of all stripes, especially those of us on the social conservative end of the spectrum who would prefer that the family unit be revived, restored, protected and preserved within our society, as irritated as we may be at this government intervention, can find ourselves both thankful and grateful all the same for the sanity being displayed on the part of we the people and the underlying direction this is going in.

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