The Third Lantern and the Issa Files: A Desperate Attempt to Hide the Truth

We’ve all seen examples of the complete disregard for the laws of this country that is often and frequently displayed in the actions of Democrats. From the POTUS on down, they have turned up their nose (quite literally) time and time again to any suggestion that they, as citizens of this nation, should be held accountable for their actions from a legal viewpoint. After all, laws are for commoners, not the elite. Laws are a mechanism used by the elite to keep commoners “under control”. If we were members of the elite, we would understand that the existence of the elite is for the sole purpose of accomplishing and achieving a predetermined agenda and no laws that might get in their way are to be honored or respected, and this is the ultimate of honorable service that anyone can provide to our society.

Gag!!! I need one of those little bags they use on an airplane!

Given the reality that this type of mindset and mentality is repeatedly displayed in the actions of these “intellectual elites”, it really should not come as any surprise to us that members of the Democrat Party are actively and very viciously pursuing attempts to discredit Darryl Issa in any and every way that they can.

Behold!!! Behold the self-proclaimed wisdom of these elites! Behold their self-proclaimed honor and integrity! Behold their self-proclaimed fairness, justice and benevolence!

They have now established The Third Lantern, an organization brought to us by “a handful of liberal political operatives in California who are taking their anti-Issa passion to a whole new level, launching a nonprofit group, a website and even paid media advertisements aimed at undermining and investigating the rabble-rousing chairman”. Their new website, called the Issa Files, is reported to include over 100 pages of documents regarding Mr. Issa’s personal and business history.

The bottom line on this story is that Mr. Issa’s requests for information present a threat to the plans that liberals and progressives have for our country. What liberals and progressives do behind closed doors and in the dark of night is part of their covenant to the progressive agenda, so to speak. They don’t want those activities brought to attention of the general public. This is why these liberals are so vehement and adamant about attacking Mr. Issa personally. Undermine and discredit the threat, and they may avoid having the truth of their actions from being revealed.

We have to find champions for the laws of our country, rather than champions of political agenda.

May God provide more of our elected officials with the prudence and courage to stand with Mr. Issa in his investigations.

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