Governor Snyder and Putting the Unions on a “Diet”

The unionized work force in Michigan is extremely displeased with Gov. Snyder. He’s putting the state on a diet. M. Obama should be proud…at long last her emphasis on “obesity” and changing “consumption behaviors” is paying off!!!

Just to make this simple, follow this line of thought…

1. Unions want power

2. Money buys power

3. Unions get dues from members

4. Dues are used to buy power

5. Enrollment in unions isn’t as high as it was a decade ago

6. Union dues decrease

7. Unions can’t buy the power they want

8. Need more money

9. Unions decide “hey, let’s turn one job into two jobs, and we’ll increase enrollment, get more dues, power goes up”

10. Processes in state get “fat”

11. Local governments can’t pay bills

12. Sooner or later, state will have to either bail out local governments or file bankruptcy

13. State doesn’t have the money either.

Rather than let it go any further than it has, Gov. Snyder decides to pass this law which basically does the following:

“The legislature hereby determines that the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this state would be materially and adversely affected by the insolvency of local governments and that the fiscal accountability of local governments is vitally necessary to the interests of the citizens of this state  to assure the provision of necessary governmental services  essential to public health, safety, and welfare. The legislature further determines that it is vitally necessary to protect the credit of this state and its political subdivisions and that it is necessary for the public good and it is a valid public purpose for this state to take action and to assist a local government in a condition of financial stress or financial emergency so as to  remedy the stress or emergency by requiring prudent fiscal  management and efficient provision of services, permitting the  restructuring of contractual obligations, and prescribing the  powers and duties of state and local government officials and  emergency managers. The legislature, therefore, determines that the authority and powers conferred by this act constitute a necessary program and serve a valid public purpose.”

The state of Michigan already had Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) positions in place. This was passed by former Governor Granholm. Gov. Snyder has simply expanded on this mechanism to allow EFMs to have more options in finding methods that might prevent county and city governments from financial insolvency.

The unions and their work force don’t see it that way at all. Democrats and their allies are decrying the legislation as a power grab and say it’s part of a wider effort taking place in several states, such as Wisconsin, to weaken labor unions.

“It takes every decision in a city or school district and puts it in the hands of the manager, from when the streets get plowed to who plows them and how much they are paid,” said Mark Gaffney, president of the Michigan State AFL-CIO. “This is a takeover by the right wing and it’s an assault on democracy like I’ve never seen.”

“U.S. Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat who represents Detroit, said in a statement that in a given city, the governor’s new “financial czar” could “force a municipality into bankruptcy, a power that will surely be used to extract further concessions from hardworking public sector workers.”

When it comes to setting up “czars”…hey, that sounds like our President, doesn’t it? If it is good enough for President Obama, then why isn’t it good enough for a state Governor? I would think that liberals would be respectful of Governor Snyder’s efforts to follow the President’s lead.  sarc/

Of course, that really isn’t true.  There is a difference in context between the President’s czars and the EFMs that exist in the state of Michigan. The goal of the czars appointed by the President is to grow government (i.e. government obesity = fiscal obesity of budget) whereas the goal of Governors such as Gov. Snyder are to reduce government (i.e. government goes on a diet.)

I wonder if M. Obama can persuade her spouse to consider this as a wise course of action to take????

Nah, he’d never be able to get off that fence he keeps straddling and make the decision.

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