New Berlin School District (WI) Takes Positive Approach to Act 10

How we respond to situations can make all the difference in the world in the long run, can’t it?

Compare the following video and the kind of response displayed by these New Berlin School District Members with the wringing-of-the-hands, gnashing-of-the-teeth, total-entitlement, brutish, thuggish, nonsensical, end-of-the-world response that has been seen by so much of the Union “establishment” in recent weeks.

Given how the legislation, Act 10, is structured, it is the school districts that are willing to take the opportunity that is presented to them through this legislation, stepping away from the traditional Union platform that has existed in the state of Wisconsin for the past few decades, and put the tools provided to them through this legislation to good use in such a way that it allows teachers, who are indeed the educational professionals, more freedom and flexibility to advance education quality.

The school districts that choose to rush to implement new labor agreements before Act 10 goes into effect on March 26th limit the flexibility of their own resources, which could bring about lay offs within those school districts.

I genuinely applaud these members of the New Berlin School District for their positive and optimistic response to recently enacted legislation, and I wish them the greatest of success in the challenges they face.

Well done, Governor Snyder. We the people thank you for this.

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