This is One Piece of Presidential Advice that Conservatives Should Follow!

In this article, President Obama states the following:

“As 2012 unfolds, I expect that we’re going to have a lot of questions and there are going to be vigorous debates, but I don’t want us to lose sight of the huge opportunities we have to seize the moment and make sure that America is not just changed, but is changed for the better.”

“And I’ve always been a believer that what made 2008 special was we didn’t tack to the varying political winds; we didn’t make decisions about where we stood on issues simply based on political expediency,” Obama said. “Our goal was to make progress for the country.”

So the goal is to make “progress” and to “change this nation for the better”, is it? This is one time that I am more than willing to take the President’s words to heart, though not exactly in the way that he may be intending. Yes, we definitely need progress on getting the right people elected who won’t be afraid to take on the challenge of decreasing government spending. Yes, we need to make progress in eliminating waste, fraud and corruption in our government.  Yes, we definitely need to make progress in changing our school systems as well.  It is conservatives who have the best chance to bring about this kind of “progress” and to “make these changes for the better” that our nation not only needs but very much so deserves.

I propose that we simply blow away all the LOW expectations that Democrats and even some establishment Republicans may have of us.

We will make our voices heard, not only within the pages of such sites as Red State, but on the streets where we walk and in the neighborhoods where we live. Our days of being ashamed of being conservative are over. We are here, in this place and this time, for a reason. We can “seize the moment” far more easily that either the liberals or the establishment Republicans can.  So why not do it?

Let them write us off, if they choose to do so. I’d love to see them underestimate us. It will make our task of winning the next election that much simpler.

This is our time to lead.

May I suggest we get to it while the President is on vacation (yes, again) in Rio, Brazil? Yes, M. Obama and the kids are going as well. Rumor has it that they love teh1 there. Maybe we can talk the Brazilians into “adopting” our first family…say, for the next 6 years or so?

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