Unions To File in NM Supreme Court Against Gov. Martinez

It is Republican Governors who are stepping up to provide the kind of leadership that this nation needs.

Most of us have heard about the actions of Gov. Snyder, Gov. Walker, Gov. Christie, among others, and the brave stand that each of these individuals is attempting to take in addressing the serious issues that our nation is facing. But we haven’t heard much about the amazing stand that Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico has taken.

January, 2011: New Mexico governor Susana Martinez (R) said Monday that New Mexico is no longer an illegal immigrant sanctuary state, issuing an order to officially reverse the state’s status. Ms. Martinez ordered the reversal of the state’s “sanctuary status” – put in place by former Gov. Bill Richardson (D), which prohibited law enforcement from asking criminal suspects about their citizenship. The move aligns the state with Arizona, which passed a law mandating officials inquire about an individual’s immigration status

February, 2011: Republican Gov. Susana Martinez directed state police on Monday to start asking about the immigration status of people arrested for crimes

And now, in March, 2011:

Martinez, elected in November, on March 1 fired all three members of the New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board, which holds hearings and renders decisions on labor complaints.

A spokesman for Martinez said the firings were within the scope of her authority.

“The law allows the governor to remove the members of the Public Employee Labor Relations Board, which was done as part of the ongoing review of boards, commissions and appointments,” said the spokesman, Scott Darnell.

On Wednesday, March 17, a dozen union organizations filed a writ of mandamus on asking the state Supreme Court to rule that Martinez overstepped her authority by the firings.

“She’s trying to destroy all the efforts that we have made over the past ten years,” said New Mexico AFL-CIO president Christine Trujillo. “We feel like she’s been in the same workshop as every other Republican governor to undo collective bargaining.”

Oh, these poor Unions, so unfairly victimized in all of this. Sarc/

Governor Martinez, for what it is worth, ma’am, we thank you. And our prayers are with you

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