Cain In The News

For someone who is supposedly just an “entertainment” candidate, Herman Cain sure is drawing a lot of notice of late. Here’s the latest “buzz” about Cain….

From the New York Times on June 4th:

If few people think Mr. Cain can win the nomination, he is satisfying voters’ desire to fall in love with a candidate. Their passion for him says as much about what the Republican field is lacking as it does about any specifics he is offering.

He captivates with his talk radio certainty, his pulpit cadences, and what he describes as his “common-sense business solutions” that make it sound as though solving the nation’s debt crisis is as simple as streamlining the number of pizza toppings on offer, as he did to improve performance at Godfather’s.

His rags-to-riches personal story and his talk of an “empowerment agenda” appeals to voters who believe that the federal budget has been corrupted by a culture of entitlement that no longer values sweat equity. As a black conservative, he appeals to Tea Party supporters who are angry at being tagged racists for their disagreements with the nation’s first black president. And in a country increasingly sour on Washington, his lack of political experience has become a calling card.

From ABC News on June 5th:

Herman Cain told a ballroom full of social conservatives at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference Saturday night that “we have a severe deficiency of leadership” in the White House and said he’s the presidential candidate to turn things around.

The country, he said, is facing a “moral crisis, an economic crisis…a spending crisis, an energy crisis.


“We’ve got to get away from being an entitlement society to an empowerment society,” he said.

On the international front, he singled out China as a key competitor. “My China strategy is very simple: outgrow China,” Cain said. “We outgrow China, we won’t have to look back at China trying to catch us.”

He also made his stance on Israel crystal clear: “You mess with Israel, you’re messing with the USA.”

And answering charges he does not have enough foreign policy experience, he said: “Does the current president have any?”

From The Hill:

The unexpectedly high turnout at his official candidacy announcement May 21 was demonstrative of his quickly growing bloc of support, he told ABC’s “Top Line” on Friday.

“We were expecting only about 5,000 of my closest friends. 15,000 of my closest friends showed up, and that… got a lot of people’s attention,” he said.

Asked by The Hill about the other candidates in the primary field, Cain declined to comment on their strengths or weaknesses. “I’m not talking about the other candidates, because that’s counterproductive,” he said.

But near the end of his speech, he appeared confident that he would ultimately prevail in the Republican primary.

“November 2012, we’re going for the trifecta. We’re going to increase control of the House, take over the Senate and have a conservative in the White House. And I have a feeling it’s going to be a President Herman Cain in the White House,” he declared.

Even neighbors from across the sea are taking notice, as is seen in this article by the Daily Telegraph:

All in all, he is unelectable. Yet here is, being taken seriously as a candidate for the 2012 Republican nomination. Why?

In some polls taken among likely Republican primary voters Cain – who calls himself the “Herminator” – has placed above contenders who have served in Congress or governed states with distinction.

His tireless canvassing in early voting states such as Iowa has paid off, while his skills as a radio talk show host aided an impressive performance at the first televised Republican debate last month.

Washington scribes had dismissed him as mere light relief in the campaign, on a par with Donald Trump, who burned brightly but then flamed out.

But some pundits are now entertaining the idea that Cain could actually win next year’s primary, or at least do well enough to demand consideration as a vice-presidential nominee or some senior role in the government of the eventual winner.

So far, based on the response to Mr. Cain on the part of the general public, I’d say that citizens across this nation see him as being a viable candidate despite the opinions of various political pundits. Personally, I like Mr. Cain. It’s early in the electoral season just yet, but I have to say that his campaign approach of emphasizing leadership, identifying the kind of leadership that has existed within the realm of politics for many years now, and then presenting himself not only as an outsider to the status quo of politics but also as someone who has both the strength of will and determination of purpose to provide a very different kind of leadership for this nation is very intelligent and is resonating well with potential voters at this point. (Actually, “resonating well” is an understatement…it’s generating fist-pumping positive intensity for Cain so far).

The next Gallup poll will be released on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. I’m curious to see what it reveals.

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