Looks Like SCOTUS is in The Mood to Just Say “No” Today (UPDATED)

I’ll keep this short and simple…

Ruling #1:

The Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal from ACORN, the activist group driven to ruin by scandal and financial woes, over being banned from getting federal funds.

The group was trying to appeal a unanimous lower court ruling affirming the federal government’s right to strip millions of dollars in funds from the group and its associated affiliates. The justices, as often happens, announced their decision without comment.

h/t Moe Lane for the head’s up on this one

Ruling #2: (Ruling 8-0 unanimous with Justice Sotomayor recusing herself)

In the most significant global warming case to reach its front doors, the Supreme Court on Monday blocked a major lawsuit brought by states and environmental groups against five large power companies they accused of creating a public nuisance because of carbon dioxide emissions.

The court ruled 8-0 that the authority to set standards for reducing emissions lies with the Environmental Protection Agency, under air pollution rules established by the Clean Air Act. The court said just because the EPA hasn’t acted yet doesn’t mean that its authority is no longer valid.

Both appeals to the SC were brought by special interest groups attempting to influence public policy legislation via SC rulings. We have too much of such things going on in our legal system right now as it is. It’s good to see SCOTUS drawing these kinds of lines legally.


I almost forgot to include this ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Walmart today, ruling that female employees can’t sue the retail giant in a class action alleging wage discrimination.


The court unanimously agreed the case was wrongly certified as a 23(b)2 class action, but dissented 5-4 over whether the women could all prove they were discriminated on by their sex

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