The Spirit of Independence…Still Alive in America Today

I was searching around the internet, looking for something inspirational to write for the 4th of July, and I came across this article. For those who follow the link, you may wonder how any information provided within such an article could even remotely be considered “inspiring”. Inspiration comes in unexpected ways at times. There is a very short paragraph within the article that caused me to stop and think about not only what has been taking place in our nation during the past three years but also what might lie ahead in the future.

When I asked chief Obama reelection guru David Axelrod about this sense of disillusionment, he patiently ticked off a list of accomplishments: health-care reform, repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” financial regulatory reform, the drawdown from Iraq, student-loan reform. “Did we keep faith with the things that the president said he would do when he ran?” asks Axelrod. “There is a long list of things he said he’d do that we in fact did.”

It’s a solid inventory. But it’s countered by the undeniable reality that the country hasn’t noticeably moved in a more liberal direction (quite the opposite) and by the widely held perception among progressives that Obama will never wage fierce battle on behalf of liberal ideals”. (emphasis mine)

There are progressives and liberals who genuinely and sincerely believe that socialism is a far better societal and economic system. If the latter part of the comment made above is true, they also believe that had President Obama pleaded with the American people on behalf of their liberal ideals, he may have gained the support of the people in making these fundamental transformations of America. In other words, if he had pleaded his case, it is possible that we the people might have rallied around concepts of “shared prosperity through shared sacrifice”, “redistributing the wealth”, collectivism, and granting greater control over our lives to our government.  In order for socialism to survive, it’s the reinforcement of the psychology associated with the ideology that has to be achieved, not just implementation of the policies.  

The reality is that the choice that was made by the Obama administration was to go ahead and implement socialistic policies, even if it meant going against the will of the people, expecting it of us “to come around” once acclimation takes place. These actions have been based on unrealistic expectations of blind trust for government, blind faith in our government, and inducing submissiveness without question to the socialistic ideology. So far, we the people have failed to meet these expectations, which has caused the administration to move more in the direction of forced subservience to the socialistic ideology, manipulating the laws of our nations as a means to an end by which these goals can be accomplished and achieved. I suspect that they also believe that once the policy changes take long-term effect, the American people will be glad and grateful for those changes.

In another society or culture, this might very well be the outcome. In our society, it isn’t in the least bit likely to happen, and particularly not when this type of approach of forced subservience is taken. In the context of reality, this is a nation of people who possess qualities such as being independent-minded, strong-willed, self-reliant and extremely resilient. These qualities are not obstacles to be overcome. These qualities actually epitomize the spirit of independence on which our country was founded and provided the single greatest influencing factor that has allowed us to survive this long. These qualities exhibit our strengths, not weaknesses.

On this day, when we celebrate the anniversary of our national independence, it just seems appropriate to review how the spirit of independence still lives and breathes within our nation. And make no mistake about it, this quality does indeed exist and it is growing stronger with each day that passes now. The first part of the comment in the latter two paragraphs above, that it is an “undeniable reality that the country hasn’t noticeably moved in a more liberal direction (quite the opposite)”, provides proof of how strong this spirit of independence truly remains within our nation.

It all comes back to the psychological impact of societal influences. Where an environment of freedom and liberty exists, this allows citizens to act with confidence, applying the spirit of independence and the human qualities associated with this phenomenon, to go out into the world day after day, pursuing our hopes and dreams and contributing to our economy through the taxes derived from our incomes.

When government implements policies and procedures that expand government and assumes greater control over our lives, this can and usually does limit the environment of freedom and liberty that exists within our society as a whole. This change in environment can have a devastating psychological impact on the sense of confidence that exists within the heart and mind of the individuals in that society.

There is a very real shift away from socialism towards continued freedom and liberty that has been taking place, whereby the people of this nation are rejecting socialism rather than embracing it, and for this much I am grateful. But the shift in trends indicate something else as well…a shift from being idealistic to being realistic. We know that our freedoms and liberties are becoming increasingly limited with each new governmental policies being put into place by the current administration. And regardless of how daunting this may seem and how it might undermine our confidence, we are proving ourselves to still be a nation of people who possess the strength of will, self-reliance and resiliency to go out into the world we live in day after day, acting with a degree of confidence that we do not genuinely feel, not only for our own sakes but for the sake of our entire nation!

As much as progressives and liberals might spout what is for “the common good”, it is those of us who adamantly hold onto the spirit of independence who are living it today. We know that if we let the psychological impact of what is taking place overwhelm us, our nation will fall.

Progressives and liberals have proven that their first loyalty is to their ideology, not to our nation or to its people. They can not even bring themselves to pledge allegiance to this nation first and foremost because of their commitment to their ideology. But those of us who hold to the spirit of independence in our hearts and our minds can make that pledge.

With that in mind, I’ll bring this to a close by including by the following rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Have a blessed and safe 4th of July.

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