Would Liberals Really Throw Obamacare Under the Bus to Get Obama Re-elected?

You gotta’ the love the libbies line of logic and reason, heh?

According to Mr. Tomasky over at The Daily Beast the best hope President Obama has for re-election is…wait for it…for SCOTUS to overturn Obamacare!!!

To summarize, Mr. Tomasky begins his article by speculating that the 11th Circuit Court’s ruling on PPACA (otherwise known as Obamacare) will force a Supreme Court decision next year, in the middle of an election season.

The standard liberal position is to fear that the court will overturn the ACA. Sure, I fear that. But I also fear the political consequences on next year’s election of the court upholding it and worry that those consequences could be even worse for the progressive cause.

He then proceeds to present the downside of having PPACA overturned in light of Commerce Clause usage.

In legal terms, a ruling that holds that the Commerce Clause can’t be used the way Congress used it to write and pass the ACA deals a terrible blow to a whole body of jurisprudence that has helped support and sustain the New Deal since Franklin Roosevelt’s second term.

He follows this up by identifying the impact it will have if SCOTUS follows the same path other courts have followed by pronouncing the individual mandate unconstitutional and thereby severable from the legislation.

Without the mandate requiring all Americans to buy insurance, the premiums for those who do buy it would shoot up, which would probably be unsustainable: Congress would need to pass much higher subsidies than the ones included in the bill, or an alternative to mandates—i.e., a public option or something like it (which is, of course, highly unlikely).

And he laments the defeat of President Obama’s landmark legislation.

And of course politically it would be a crushing defeat for Barack Obama: his signal legislative accomplishment, tossed out by the court. What a failure! What would he have left to run on?

As if running on Obamacare as a success is going to help him win re-election?  Not likely.

It is at this point that Mr. Tomasky presents an alternative to his fellow liberals…an alternative where SCOTUS upholds PPACA.  He’s afraid that it will inspire greater turnout and enthusiasm of Conservatives.

Meanwhile, who is infuriated? Millions of conservatives. “Obamacare” becomes a hot-button issue all over again. If you think conservatives can’t get any angrier than they already are, well, you and I have been watching very different conservative moments these last few years. They can always find something new to get mad about. And a court-imposed “socialistic” outcome, forced on decent, freedom-loving Americans by four liberals and that sodomy-endorsing Kennedy, is a pretty big something.


Could it be argued that the right will do these things but they won’t matter because “most” voters will care more about jobs? It could. But isn’t it just as likely that getting smaller subsets of voters hopping mad about health care all over again can goose turnout enough to mean the difference between winning and losing in some states? Of course it can.

Hence, Mr. Tomasky presents the argument to other liberals that if PPACA stands, the political costs could be extremely high!!  President Obama might actually lose the election next year!  Or worse still, those dreaded right-wing extremists might get elected!  So, let’s get rid of Obamacare and everything will be…what, Mr. Tomasky?  “Okay”?  “Peachy-Keen?”  “Hunky-Dory?”

If Mr. Tomasky believes that it is only conservatives who are “hopping mad” about Obamacare, he is badly mistaken.  Each and every policy decision that has been made by this administration has had an oppressive influence on our economy, either directly or indirectly.  Obamacare is simply the best example of the truly horrendous policy decision-making process that has taken place during this administration.

The sector of our population that is likely to be the angriest at these types of policies are small business owners.  And they have every right to be angry.  Who do these members of the elitist left think they are, with their non-ending blather about “social equality”, “social justice” and “fairness” when every piece of policy that they put forth greatly limits the ability of small business owners to generate new jobs, thus putting greater members of our society at risk of being poverty-stricken?

The most insulting part of this article, in my opinion, is Mr. Tomasky’s conveyed yet never stated supposition that if Obamacare is removed from the picture, this will cause American citizens to be willing to give President Obama a “do-over”.

This is not a child’s game like hopscotch, Mr. Tomaksy.  President Obama had his chance and he blew it all the way around.  That’s reality, plain and simple.  Get used to it.

Why would we the people even remotely consider giving this man another chance to do more of the same?



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