Conservatism: America’s Best Hope

Overall assessment of where things stand:

The FBI is preparing to launch a nationwide facial recognition serviceThe Institute for Energy Research estimates that we will lose 28GW of power-producing capacity due to EPA regulationsThe Institute of Medicine has released it’s recommendations to DHHS for government-defined health benefit packages.  The current administration is facing not one but two separate scandals, Fast and Furious and Solyndra.  Our national debt is over $14 trillion dollars and climbing with each day that passes.   More than 50 million people are on Medicaid, and a recent CMS ruling will ensure that  17 million more people can be enrolled nationwide.  Close to 10 million people are receiving extended unemployment benefitsMore than 40 million people are on food stamps.  We have 22.5 million government employeesUnemployment is steady at 9.1 % of our population (14 million people).  44.6% of these individuals have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more.   Unemployment projection forecasts indicate that this rate will be increasing during the next few months, with the potential to reach 10.3% by April of 2012.  Presidential job approval is at an average of 42.1 %.   Congressional job approval is at an average of 13%.  The number of people who believe that our country is heading in the right direction is at an average of 20.8%  70% of people polled say our country is currently in a recession.   Just 6% of people polled believe most politicians keep their campaign promises.  Only 4% of Americans say that they have a great deal of trust in politicians.  (What’s even worse, the same poll shows that the level of confidence American’s have in themselves is lower now than it has been since prior to 1974!)

This is a limited assessment.  A full assessment is far more revealing.

Just to make use of a little visual imagery in setting the context, imagine for a moment that you are suspended at some fixed point above the earth’s surface.  You are looking down on the surface of the earth and you see a giant, swirling vortex.  In the center of that vortex is a gaping hole, the bottom of which can not be seen.  Nation after nation is being caught up in that swirling motion, including our own.  And although you are suspended from a distance, you can sense and feel the swirling motion all around you.

Now, relate the vortex itself to socialist/Marxist policies.  In American society, the swirling motion is perpetuated by liberalism, slowing pulling our nation towards the center of that vortex.

The bottomless hole is our nation’s future.

It’s a bleak, daunting image, isn’t it?

But for America, isn’t too late.  Not yet, at least.  There is still one hope that remains to us…Conservatism.  Conservatism is the best hope for our nation’s future.

What’s more, opportunity is knocking at the door for Conservatism to be the wave of the future.  Actually, it’s a bit more than knocking…it’s banging so hard that it threatens to knock the hinges out of the frame!

77% of this nation’s population sees itself as being other than liberal.  (Liberalism isn’t supported by a plurality of people in this nation)

72.2% of this nation’s population believes that America is on the wrong track.  (What track are we on again?)

Hidden within a recent Gallup poll is the information that 53% of 18-34 year olds support government intervention in support of traditional values.   Does that sound like an incentive for America’s future?

Oh, I know what people might say.  “But what can we do when we have the MSM against us?”  This is the age of a new media and Conservatives have voices of their own, like this one, or this one, or this one, or this one, plus many others all across this great land of ours.

The day of allowing the MSM to dictate the narrative in this country needs to come to an end.

An old wise saying presents a common sense answer…where there’s a will, there’s a way.  The question is…do Conservatives have the will?  Do we have the will to present a message of hope for our nation’s future with Conservatism at the helm?  Do we have what it takes to be the leaders for the future?

America’s best hope is Conservatism.  It’s a winning message.  


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