Note to Frances Fox Piven: Beware of Calling Tea Party “Racists”

(I’ve spent about the last five minutes ROFL…finally down to chuckling, so I think I can write this now.  I would have loved to have been present to watch this happen…)

Early in her lecture on American democracy at the private Christian college in Pennsylvania earlier this week, Piven spouts the usual drivel, suggesting Tea Partiers aren’t comfortable with Barack Obama as president because he’s black. The comment drew displeased expressions and a few boos. Piven looks at the audience with an intrigued expression and asks, “Are you all Tea Partiers?” Undeterred, she continues. One Tea Partier in the crowd spoke up further. “As long as he follows the Constitution, we don’t care what color he is,” the protester says audibly. His rebuttal draws cheers from the crowd.

But later, she tries again: The Tea Party, she says, convinces itself it’s less racist than it is by propping up a candidate like Herman Cain. The students aren’t convinced. Eventually, it’s Piven who’s forced to concede: She clarifies that she doesn’t think the entire Tea Party is motivated by racism or that racism is the only motivation. The Tea Party, she says, is an “authentic” movement. My, how gracious

How gracious indeed!  And how totally typical of liberals to display their arrogance in public!

Liberals really don’t understand Conservatives, so I’m going to “spell it out” for them, just to make sure it’s in plain language.  Conservatives are, for the most part, pretty laid back.  A lot of us do tend to try to maintain higher moral standards than most liberals do.  This being the case, we aren’t much inclined to shoot of our mouths at the spur of a moment without thinking it through first.  (We do believe in such old-fashioned things as “prudence”, you know.)  Plus, we have everyday ordinary lives with priorities we attend to.  We don’t spend our time sitting around scheming and conniving about how we can manipulate a society of people to conform to an image that we “deem” to be acceptable.

So liberals may have had a relatively free hand in the past on the “scheming and conniving” of our society, and they basically take Conservatives for a bunch of “patsys”, i.e. easy prey.  But that’s where they underestimate Conservatives, simply because they don’t understand us.  For Conservatives, there is a such a thing as that “line you don’t cross”.  See, it takes a lot of “stuff” [the redacted kind or otherwise] to get a Conservative genuinely and truly angry.  Irritated, aggravated and frustrated…yes, that’s often displayed.  Truly and genuinely angry?  That’s far more rare.

But liberals, in their self-proclaimed wisdom and blatant arrogance, have crossed that line, shoving their plans and goals for our society and our nation down our throats in the manner that they have during Obama’s term.  Conservatives are hitting our breaking point, so to speak.  And when that happens, we do become…far more outspoken than we would be otherwise.

Ah, poor Ms. Piven.  What a terrible experience, to be reduced to a laughingstock in such a way!  /sarc

She’s right up there with Ms. Pelosi now, I guess.


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