What Is It Exactly That We’re Fighting For?

Do you hear that banging sound?  That’s the sound of opportunity banging away at the Republicans’ door!  Take a look:

For the first time in the history of the Associated Press poll, a majority of Americans, 52%, say President Obama should not be reelected while only 43% say he deserves another term. As recently as last May, those numbers were reversed with 53% saying Obama deserves reelection, while 43% said he didn’t deserve four more years.

Obama’s overall job approval rating has also fallen sharply with only 44% of Americans approving, while 54% disapprove. As recent as this June, those numbers were flipped with Americans approving of the job Obama was doing as president by a 60% to 39% margin.

Going issue by issue, the numbers are even worse for Obama. Only 29% of Americans support Obama signature domestic accomplishment, Obamacare, while 49% oppose the reform. And as the Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge to Obamacare’s individual mandate next year, the poll found that 84% of Americans believe the federal government should not have the power to require all Americans to buy health insurance. Only 15% believe the federal government should have that power.

Majorities of Americans also disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy (60% disapprove), health care (55% disapprove), the federal budget deficit (62% disapprove), taxes (52% disapprove), immigration (56% disapprove), unemployment (53% disapprove), and gas prices (57% disapprove). The only domestic issues that Obama is has positive numbers on are the environment (55% approve), energy (50% approve), and education (53%).

Overall, 76% of Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction and 80% rate the economy as poor.

An interesting note to consider is that Obama’s approval rating amongst Independents has dropped dramatically…38% approve while 59% disapprove!

And then there’s this as well:

As for how to balance the federal budget, more [voters] now favor cutting government services as the best means to bring federal spending into balance. Sixty percent think lawmakers should focus on budget cuts over tax increases. That figure had been as low as 53 percent in August, during the showdown over raising the country’s debt limit.

The biggest shift on that question has come from independents. In the August poll, 37 percent said lawmakers should focus on increasing taxes and 42 percent said cutting services. Now, that divide stands at 28 percent for raising taxes and 59 percent for cutting services.

All of these totals are in favor of Republicans.  Each and every one of them.  Republicans even have a slight lead of 1.5% against Obama in the upcoming election.

I’m glad for the lead over Obama, but…1.5%?  That’s all?  Given all the data included above, shouldn’t it be more than this?  Is there any way to increase that lead?  I think there is!

We all know what we are fighting against, although we may express it different ways sometimes (like saying Obama, socialism, liberalism, progressivism, etc).

This is the primary season.  The emphasis has been on competition between various candidates.  That’s to be expected.

But if you look at the data that has been presented above, we do have a very real opportunity NOW.  That door of opportunity may not stay open forever.  If we can articulate what we are fighting FOR along with what we are fighting AGAINST, it might let us begin to increase that lead against Obama NOW.  It could also generate the kind of enthusiasm and motivation that increases interest in and participation for Republicans in the race NOW.

How well do we articulate what we are fighting FOR?  Do we even know what that is?  What is it?  Freedom?  Liberty?  Limited government?  Lower taxes?  Decreasing regulations?  Getting rid of Obamacare?  Growth and development in the private sector that would generate jobs, jobs, JOBS?  Is it preserving the “shining city on the hill”?  Is it restoration of the American spirit?  Is it preservation of the American way?

What ARE we fighting for?  And why?

What do YOU think it is?

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