A Preview Of Things To Come If Romney Is Nominated

First, we can look at the information provided in NPR article, entitled “Romney’s Unlikely And Persuasive Defense Of The Individual Mandate”.

Here’s one juicy tidbit to consider:

Said John McDonough, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, “Romney has given in this entire presidential campaign last evening what I believe is the most effective and persuasive rationale and defense of the individual mandate.”

Want another to chew on?  Try this one:

And while Romney insisted that the Massachusetts law and the federal law differ in significant ways, McDonough, who was intimately involved in the development and passage of both the Massachusetts and federal health laws, insists that’s not really the case.

“The similarities go far far beyond the mandate,” he said. For example, “the essential architecture of the insurance reforms in the Affordable Care Act are taken wholly from the Massachusetts health reform law.”

Just words on a page, right?

Okay, then, how about something of a visual/verbal comparison instead….

Ladies and Gentlemen…

straight from the jowls of the marvelous body of liberal intelligentsia, Think Progress…

Romney and Obama on Healthcare!!

Just a preview of what’s to come.  That’s all.

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