With Heartfelt Gratitude…Thank You, Daniel Hannan

Earlier today, I had to transport a family member to and from the hospital for minor outpatient surgery.  The health care facility in question was an hour’s drive from home.  During the return trip, we tuned the radio in to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show for today.  It was then that I had the opportunity to listen to clips of Daniel Hannan’s speech at the CPAC gathering last week.

I wasn’t expecting to find it inspirational.  I wasn’t expecting to find encouragement for Conservatives in this battle we are facing.  I definitely wasn’t expecting to find myself thankful that, for whatever reasons, the surgery had been delayed for an hour or so.  Yet each of these things, I found.

Many of us as Conservatives know beyond any shadow of doubt that if our nation continues on its current course of further implementation of socialistic policies, we will go the way of other nations, such as Greece.  It’s one of the things we’ve been fighting against, desperately seeking a path forward that allows us to prevent the same course of events that have occurred in Greece, and in other European nations as well, from happening here.

We are not Europe.  We are The United States of America…the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We have our own way of doing things that has served us well for over two centuries.  Liberty and freedom have been the cornerstones on which our nation was founded that allowed us to have the opportunity to succeed in becoming the leader of the free world.  And by no stretch of the imagination are We The People simply willing to turn our backs on that legacy of liberty and freedom.

Hearing such things from the lips of other Americans doesn’t sound unusual or uncommon.  Hearing them come from the lips of a member of British Parliament, on the other hand…well, that does stand out as somewhat unusual, doesn’t it?

After returning home, I proceeded to find a video of Mr. Hannan’s speech.  It’s included at the end of this diary and I hope that those who have the time to do so will watch the entirety of it.  For those who may not have the time to do so, here is a basic 6-point list of items Mr. Hannan covered in his speech:

1)      It is when we are optimistic that we win. 

2)      The source of optimism comes from the freedoms and liberties provided to us through the Constitution of the United States. 

3)      Fighting for decentralization and reduction of power of government is the RIGHT thing to do!

There’s an incredible ring of truth and wisdom to Mr. Hannan’s words of warning to America if we follow the same path of greater centralization of government that has occurred in the European Union.  For all that we as Conservatives might speak of President Obama’s seeming “incompetence” of leadership, Mr. Hannan makes the point very vividly that there is indeed a specific kind of leadership that is being provided…a leadership that will culminate in the Europeanization of the United States of America.  He presents no illusions to the fact that the people of the nations under that policy of politicization become “less prosperous, less independent, less democratic, and less free”!

4)      “There is still time to turn aside”

5)      If we want to turn aside, we have to strive for electing Conservatives to Congress.

6)      Every Congressman we pursue electing to office should take the oath to defend and uphold the Constitution seriously.  

Mr. Hannan ends his speech with the following words of encouragement:

Let me end…let me end, my friends, with a heart-felt imprecation.  From a British Conservative who loves his country to American Conservatives who still believe in theirs.  Honor the vision of your founders.  Cleave to the most sublime constitution devised by human intelligence.  Don’t be the generation that cuts itself off from the wisdom of your fathers and disinherits your children.  Never be afraid to speak to and for the soul of this nation of which, by good fortune and God’s grace, you are privileged to be part.”

If there was ever an affirmation that we as Conservatives stand in the right by fighting to roll back the tide of creeping and blatant socialism that has been stealing away our liberties and freedoms, hearing it come from someone who has already traveled that path provides that affirmation!!


Thank You, Mr. Hannan.  May God bless you as well, sir!

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