A Personal Letter To Speaker Gingrich

Mar. 14, 2012

Dear Speaker Gingrich,

As far as I’m concerned, you are the “man for the times”, sir.  Our nation very badly needs a dose of the kind of creativity and ingenuity you have been presenting to find long-term solutions to our problems.  However, it seems that a significant portion of the general public disagrees with me on this, Speaker Gingrich.  I’m saddened by it to say the least, but not totally disheartened because of secret hopes of my own which are described below.

You alone can make the decision to stay in the race or withdraw from it, sir.  If you determine that withdrawing from the race is the best choice to make, then perhaps you will consider staying proactively involved in this year’s electoral battle, even to the point of taking a leadership role in that battle, by focusing your many talents and abilities into another front of this battle we’re waging.

With the above possibility in mind, I’m just going to “throw” this idea at you, as the saying goes.  If you determine that it is feasible and something you would be willing to do, you can take it from there.

We all know that the left is very organized in their efforts.  I have no doubt that we will be seeing just how organized they truly are in the months to come.  They will be utilizing every tool that they have to their advantage to help President Obama in his quest to gain “more time” from the American people, and given their proclivity for being unscrupulous in their usage of such tools, underestimating them is the worst choice we could make right now.

As we go into the summer, a few economic forces could come into play, such as rising gas prices, that could increase retail prices for goods, put greater pressure on business owners (particularly small business owners), and drain more expendable income out the little that remains in the pockets of many American citizens.  The mental and emotional impact of these economic forces on individual consumers could generate a broad spectrum of responses that range from severe discouragement to extreme anger.

For the left, they often attempt to use emotive reasoning as a basis for presenting their case and drawing more people to their side politically.  In this particular situation, I believe they are also attempting to manipulate economic forces in such a way that it would be dispiriting and disheartening to those of us on the right end of the political spectrum.  If they can succeed in this, get us discouraged or disheartened, then this could assist them in winning the election in November simply via a decrease in the number of voters exercising their right to vote.

We genuinely need an organized effort coming from our side to counter their efforts, sir.  It is possible that individuals such as yourself, Ms. Palin, Mr. Perry, and others who might be interested in doing so, could provide We the People with an inspirational influence that keeps our spirits high, even in the face of tough times.  This might be accomplished and achieved via a project of such some…a freedom-lovers tour…that puts an emphasis on freedom, liberty, and preserving our Constitution.  It is also possible that incorporating a few Tenth Amendment issues, such as school choice, could help to expand interest in the message coming from our end of the political spectrum and draw more people to our side.

If such an effort is successful, it could assist us in keeping enthusiasm high going into the months ahead, which could have significant impact on down-ticket Congressional races in the fall.  This type of effort could also be a means of countering the left’s attacks with a positive organized effort of our own, which might earn and gain us greater respect with the general public.

It is only a suggestion, Speaker Gingrich, but I hope that you or others might take it seriously.

I wish the best of success to you, sir, regardless of what you might choose about whether to remain in this race or to withdraw from it.  Many thanks to you as well for your love of our country, your obvious belief and confidence in We The People, and your desire to provide leadership in these tough times.


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