About that New Dem Slogan…”Forward”: Forwards Towards What?

In 2008, we heard the slogan of “Hope and Change” and of “fundamental transformation” of America.  At the time, candidate Barack Obama made numerous statements about what kind of change we might see where that transformation was concerned….it was to be a post-racial America; an America where lack of health insurance coverage did not exist; an America where jobs for the middle-class would be plentiful; an America where high-quality education would be provided…on and on the promises for the future, for “Hope and Change”, were presented and talked about.

Since that time, what has the reality become?  Higher national debt.   Less job availability.  Citizens losing their homes.  Greater dependency on government welfare.   Regulatory stifling of jobs. Suppression of religious freedom.

The promises and the outcomes do not match, do they?

What we will be hearing for the next 6 months is that the current administration, under President Obama’s leadership, “needs more time”.  Time for what?  To move forward.  To bring about “progress”.

This time, we need to be asking more questions.  And we should be encouraging other Americans to ask more questions as well.

Moving forward …in what direction?  By what methods?  For what purpose?  To gain or accomplish what objectives?  With what outcomes in mind?

What this diary is intended to do is provide a forum where we take what we have learned about President Obama and his administration, what their methodologies of choice have proven to be in the past three years, etc., and we compile it in a way that allows us to know what kinds of questions to ask.

How will this help us?  By giving us a baseline of the right kinds of questions that we can also share with our fellow citizens this time around.

Whether we like him or not, Mitt Romney is going to need our help if he’s going to pull in a win in November.  What help we may or may not be willing to contribute can come in many different forms…money, boots on the ground, and just plain, old simple networking. 

I’m just one person, and there can be questions that I wouldn’t think of that someone else might.  There can be details that someone else might see that I do not see.  There can be facts that someone else is aware of that I do not know.

So, can we work together on this for the sake of putting together data and facts, and be ready to ask and answer the right questions this time?

If so, start listing them below.

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