A Short Story On Being Deceived, And An Apology As Well

Long and short of it…I’ve been advised to stay as far away from politics as I can get.  I’m going to share the same story with you that someone else shared with me just a while ago.

A farmer has a few acres of land.  He wants to be an apple grower.  A successful apple grower.  And in the profession of farming, like in life, you reap what you sow.

The farmer has one problem.  He’s the kind of person who tends to take things at face value.  Far more than he should actually.  There is information coming in to him about all these things that would be “good” for him to do to succeed as a farmer, and this information is coming in from a lot of different sources.  But he doesn’t verify the information, to make sure that it is true.  He just accepts it at face value and allows it to influence his actions.

Long and short of it is that he because he responds to situations this way, he ends up leaving himself wide open to being misled and deceived on a lot of different things.  In the long run, this limits his ability to succeed and has an impact on what he reaps.

A day in time comes when the farmer is provided with enough of insight to realize…he’s the kind of person who can be easily deceived by things in life. He hates this about himself.  He hates the way it has influenced his life.  He hates the way that it has limited his ability to succeed.  He hates the kind of impact that it has had on his family.  There are a lot of things about it he despises, through and through.

After this time, the outlook that the farmer has on life completely changes.  He becomes more guarded, questioning things in a way that he never did before.

Something else happens for the farmer as well.  He finds himself with almost a sixth sense.  If there’s something in a situation that a person could be deceived by, he senses it.  He may not be able to tell you all the details of what or why, but he knows that it exists.

It’s an eerie kind of thing to watch that farmer now, because in a metaphorical sense, he can look at a basket of apples and say “there’s a rotten one in the bunch, and if you don’t get it out, it will ruin the whole basket”.  Someone might respond by saying, “Looks all right to me”.  But after all the farmer has gone through, if there is one thing he knows, it is this….

Looks can be deceiving.  Human beings can be deceived by the way things seem to be.

In the story that I’ve related to you….I’m the farmer.  The advice that I’ve been given is based on the reality that there is a lot of deceitfulness that goes on in politics, and because of things that have taken place, when the potential to be deceived exists…I’ll pick up on it like that farmer senses a bad apple in a basket.

Problem with it is…that it can drive other people totally nuts!!

And after today, I’m inclined to agree on that point.

So, for those that I might have driven to the brink of distraction today, I hope you will accept this apology.

My family knows that this is the kind of person I have become.  It drives them nuts, too.  I can assure you of that.

All the same, they do question things more with me around.  So it does serve a positive purpose.



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