“Pay Their Fair Share” vs. Tax Refunds to Illegal Aliens

You know, I think Conservatives could make a weekly (if not daily) column providing example after example of how government fails to protect the taxpayers of this nation, and thereby contribute to our national debt, when they do NOT spend money wisely.

What’s the point of the entire “pay your fair share” argument that the left continues to set forth IF government doesn’t act responsibly with those funds? 

Case in point, provided by Chuck Norris, is information that relates to billions of dollars being issued to illegal aliens in the form of tax refunds.  (Excellent article!  Well worth the time to read.)

Illegal immigrants cannot qualify for legitimate Social Security numbers, which would entitle them to work legally in the U.S. and file income tax returns, but the Internal Revenue Service allows them to apply for nine-digit individual taxpayer identification numbers, or ITINs, which also are used to file federal income tax returns.

In addition, a provision in the tax code permits illegals to claim “additional child tax credits,” which grant families $1,000 per “dependent” child. Roughly three-quarters of tax returns filed by illegals include these ACTCs. With the ITIN, illegals are able to get tax credits and refunds for nephews, nieces and other family members who never have touched U.S. soil.

For example, an illegal immigrant who makes $13,000 a year not only pays no taxes but also can receive a refund of $5,000 by simply filling in five ACTCs. One illegal used a fake address and said four illegal aliens lived there with 20 relatives as dependents, for a grand total tax refund of $29,000!

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in the 2010 tax year alone, more than 3 million returns were filed with ITINs. About 2.3 million of them paid no federal income taxes and also collected a cumulative $4 billion from the Treasury in tax refunds for claiming ACTCs


People on the left end of the political spectrum moan, groan, whine, and complain DAILY and WITHOUT CEASING that people on the right end of the political spectrum “have no hearts”, “are selfish”, “abandon the poor”, “abandon the elderly”…it just goes on and on and ON without end, doesn’t it?

But that isn’t the case.  We simply have enough common sense to realize that as long as government does not  exhibit an appropriate degree of accountability and responsibility in using public funds wisely, it would be an act of foolishness that knows no bounds to give them even more money for them to misuse, abuse, misappropriate (mostly for the sake of covering their own backsides, politically), etc.

When government begins to display that it can be frugal and trustworthy…give us a call.  We’ll talk.  Until then, the answer is “No more taxes”. 

Mr. Norris points out that there is a piece of legislation that has been sitting in Congress, HR 1956, which would alter the law to prevent misuse of public funds in the form of tax refunds to illegal aliens.

Illegal immigrants’ IRS abuses and theft of hardworking taxpayers’ money will not cease until Congress acts. In 2011, H.R. 1956 was proposed “to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require individuals to provide their Social Security number in order to claim the refundable portion of the child tax credit.” But the legislation has had only one hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee. Why? According to FactCheck.org, “leading Democrats are resisting a bill that would stop future payments”!

Please call your representative today and say Congress needs to act immediately to stop this pilfering of the U.S. Treasury by illegal immigrants

Sounds like a good idea to me!  

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