Watching The Left Dig Themselves Into A Hole

This particular hole has a great big neon sign that says “racism” pointing to it.  It just gets deeper and deeper and deeper….


Article Title:  White Resentment, Obama and Appalachia

Author’s name:  Ta-Nahesi Coates

In this article, Mr. Coates attempts to address what he sees as being the fallacy of the arguments presented by other pundits of the left who try to portray any degree of dissatisfaction toward President Obama or any disagreement with his policy positions coming from the American people as being about the President’s race, but not entirely about race alone.   One situation that is made reference to in the article is the outcome of the vote in Kentucky when 42% of Dem voters chose “uncommitted” on the ballot rather than choose President Obama.

Here’s how Mr. Coates ends the article…

I don’t mean to come down on Kornacki or Cillizza. But I think this sort of writing about race–and really about American politics–as though history doesn’t exist is a problem. Specifically, journalists are fond of saying “racism is only one factor” without realizing that any racism is unacceptable. It is wrong to believe Barack Obama shouldn’t be president because he’s black. That you have other reasons along with those–even ones that rank higher–doesn’t make it excusable. Likely those other reasons are themselves tied to Obama being black (emphasis mine)

So, apparently what it comes down to, as far as Mr. Coates is concerned, is regardless of any other reasons that people might provide for making a choice against President Obama that might be based on something other than race…they’re lying.  It’s always about race.  There can be NO other valid reasons to be opposed to anything that President Obama does or says.

Someone pass that man another shovel!! 

I have to say that I find the complete and total ignorance of some of our so-called “educated elites” absolutely astonishing.  Apparently, Mr. Coates, along with numerous other pundits from the left, have very little understanding and comprehension of the culture that exists in the Appalachian Mountains.   If they did…they would know to leave well enough alone.

The people living back up in those mountains DO have a culture all their own that has existed for years on end.  The roots of it go extremely deep and it is passed down from generation to generation.  They are decent people, but they are proud all the same (and that isn’t meant in a derogatory sense).  They keep to themselves.  They do what they can to provide for their own.  They aren’t afraid of hard work.  They’d rather work hard and have their self-respect than to be dependent on other people and at someone else’s mercy for their survival.  And for a significant number of them living in those hills, their survival is dependent on coal.

What’s more, within their culture, they have very adamant beliefs about loyalty.  They don’t develop bonds of loyalty easily, especially with “outsiders”, but when they do, if that loyalty is betrayed, then they don’t just forgive and forget.  It doesn’t matter to them what anyone’s expectations of them might be.  Forgive and forget just isn’t their way.  They’re more likely to have an attitude of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.

The policy decisions that President Obama and his administration have been making of late where coal is concerned is threatening their survival, and he’s betrayed the bonds of loyalty between Unions and the Dems by taking the approach that he has taken.

It wouldn’t make a bit of difference to them what color a person’s skin is…you don’t threaten their survival and betray the bonds of loyalty without having them make it very clear to you that there are consequences for doing so. 


Conservatives would say “first rule of holes is…”

Leftists just keep digging.


P.S.  Can’t help but chuckle at watching them dig that hole deeper and deeper and deeper….

November, come quickly!!!  


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