The Left’s Utopia of “Fairness and Equality” and Simple Truths About How Our Economy Works

We’re now to the point where listening to the left even attempt to make a point about “fairness and equality” is like listening to a version of John Lennon’s* “Imagine” that goes something like this….

Imagine there’s no capitalism

It’s easy if you try

No economic goals to strive for

It’s all pie in the sky


Imagine all the people living in equality

AHah, ah….


Imagine only government

Giving to each its need

Fairness amongst all people

Such a noble deed


Imagine all the people living in such peace

Yoohoo, oooh…


Oh, yes, the lure of the left’s Utopia.  No one has to work for a living.  No one has to set economic goals.  No one has to strive to succeed in anything.  No one has to accept any responsibility or accountability.  We will all live off the bread of the nobility of fairness and equality.  It just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, doesn’t it?  /sarc

If you follow the link provided above, you’ll find that it is yet another article by Robert Reich demonizing capitalism and attempting to convince the more naïve in the general public that supply-side economics is a terrible, terrible evil!!!

Personally, my opinion of Mr. Reich isn’t that high.  IMO, he is a mush-brained, elitist, socialist-idealogue who apparently has nothing better to do with his time than to spout Utopian propaganda day after day.  (Pretty close to the same opinion I have of Paul Krugman as well.)  If I saw anything at all that indicated that either of these men were totally ignorant of how our economy actually works or had been grossly deceived by the long-standing lies of the left…I might be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they mean well at least.  But that isn’t the truth in either case.  Both of them know the truth about how our economy works!!!  Given that they know what the truth is, then their constant and never-ending propaganda is meant as nothing more than an effort to “deceive the masses” with “feel good” images that are as unrealistic as the day is long.  (Talk about a miserable life!!!)

I’d love to see someone direct a few practical-application type of questions pertaining to the reality of how our economy works in America to either of these two gentlemen.  For example…

Suppose these economic “bread winners” who engage in supply-side capitalistic endeavors, the very same people that Reich and his ilk demonize to the hilt day after day, decide that they don’t want to take the risk of private sector business endeavors, that they don’t want to put forth the effort to develop new products, that they don’t want to invest their time on a daily basis to operating a business, that they won’t strive to have a business that grows and generates jobs…

Suppose those economic “bread winners” decide that what they would rather do instead is simply to lower their standard of living, earn enough to get by with, and invest much more of their time with family and friends.

What happens then?  What would happen to revenues derived from income taxes that contribute to the public funds that the government uses if the economic “bread winners” within our society decide that it simply isn’t worth it to them?

If the well dries up and the stream of revenues coming from the private sector die out, what happens to all those people who are counting on “fairness and equality” to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouths?

(BTW, Reich, Krugman, and others like them do know what the outcome would be.  They won’t admit it.  They’d just blather on and on about “fairness”, “equality”, “social justice”, “noble”, “honorable”, “duty to society”, etc., etc. because…well, because it’s all they’ve got left to hold onto)

Even amongst their own ranks, the Dems have a few people who quite obviously are far more realistic (and also more honest) about the positive side of free-market capitalism and supply-side economics than Mr. Reich is, and who have been attempting to get the message across of “let’s not go overboard in demonizing capitalism, mmmkay?”

To Mr. Reich…you need to listen to them and stop trying to kill the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. 

Even Communist China is willing to accept free-market capitalism as a “necessary evil”. 

*My apologies to John Lennon fans everywhere.

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