“The Conservatives”: New Movie Speaking American Truths to Liberal Power

For years on end, Liberals (or Progressives, if you prefer to call them such) have controlled and dictated what has been taught within the American school system.  The greater emphasis has been on supporting their own political philosophy than on ensuring that our young people learn the basics of math, English, and science that will allow them to succeed in the real world.  But even more than that, freedom, liberty, and independence from government, as it pertains to capitalistic endeavors, have been constantly and repeatedly undermined and denigrated.

Now, a new generation of Americans is stepping up, trying to make sure that the truth of how capitalism relates to freedom and liberty in our country is spoken in a way that provides their generation with a basis for hope that extends far and beyond President Obama’s socialistic dogma and claims of “you didn’t build that”.

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) has produced a movie entitled “The Conservatives”.  The intention of the movie is to provide a means by which more people within the younger generation are encouraged to take on the fight to protect and preserve a part of this nation’s tradition….free-market capitalism.  Copies of the movie are FREE to students, along with guides to becoming more actively involved in the political process.

Without further ado, here’s the movie trailer….


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