And Now, It’s Time to Play “Name Those Talking Points” (UPDATED)

(Cue your favorite game show music….)

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Today, we have two new political ads that have been released by the Obama administration.  The object of our game is to listen carefully to the information being provided in those ads, identify the talking points that may be somewhat misleading, and then to deconstruct those talking points.

The first ad includes Stephanie Cutter, who is a “Democratic Party operative with no experience in the private sector. She serves as deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.”  In this ad, Ms. Cutter attempts to convince Americans that Mitt Romney has no idea of how our economy works.  (This should be interesting!)

The second ad, called “The Choice”, comes from President Obama himself.

I’ll take the first turn at playing “Name Those Talking Points”

1)      These opinions of both Ms. Cutter and President Obama, neither of which have any practical experience at all working in the private sector, carry very little weight, IMO, when it comes to deciding to what extent the policy decisions that have been made by the Obama administration have been helpful or harmful to small business owners in the private sector.  Neither do I consider either of these individuals as being qualified to determine what kinds of policies would be helpful to small business owners in the current economic situation that our nation faces.

2)      “Top Down Approach”, stated in President Obama’s ad:  I’m guessing that he is referring to trickle down economics whereby people who may be wealthy contribute to growth and development in the private sector.  Deconstructing this usage of words, it is misleading.  The words “top down” are far more appropriately applied to economic policies whereby government intervenes in capitalistic endeavors, (otherwise known as state-managed capitalism or statism) supposedly for the purpose of “benefitting the public”.  The most significant problem with state-managed capitalism and this kind of “top-down” methodology is that politicians are first and foremost politicians.  They often act for the purpose of political expediency in the decisions and choices that they make.  In doing so, taxpayers funds are squandered rather than being used wisely or efficiently.  Government has repeatedly proven that it can not be completely and totally trusted on this point.

3)      “Cutting investments in technology”:  Stephanie Cutter’s claims are misleading to say the least.  The most significant investments in technology tend to come from the private sector…and more often than not, they come when there is growth and development taking place in the private sector of business.  Under President Obama’s leadership, business investment has been steadily decreasing.  Under President Obama’s proposed platform, increases in taxes would take money that could be invested in technology out of the private sector, sending it through the hands of government where we have no guarantees that it will be spent wisely.


Okay, so I’ve got the game rolling.  Who will be next?

Update:  It looks like the admin is a bit worried about how much damage has been done by the “you didn’t build that” comments President Obama made.  Now, we have another new ad out for today….

The “talking point” in this one?  The talking point is that when President Obama said “you didn’t build that”, he meant “we’re all in this together”.  Of all the information provided in the ads that have been released today, this is probably the MOST misleading, disingenuous comment of the bunch, coming from a man who has very plainly stated that we should “spread the wealth around” and who has legislation being presented to Congress today which is designed for no other purpose than redistribution of wealth…wealth that is earned and generated by individual citizens!

For him to even try to claim a long-standing respect and appreciation for business owners, specifically small business owners, while repeatedly attempting to take what they have earned by the sweat of their own brow for the supposed purpose of “shared prosperity” when it is those very same business owners that his policies seek to undermine….that’s truly remarkable (and I don’t mean that in complimentary terms either!)

I’d almost bet that there is gnashing of teeth amongst hard-core liberals going on this afternoon.  I mean…the man obviously supports collectivism over individualism…statism over individual freedom….government-dictated redistribution of the wealth over individual success.

If that is what he truly believes, and there’s ample evidence to show that he does, then why doesn’t he simply speak the truth to the American people?

After all, he himself has said that it is about America’s choice, right?  Then why not simply be honest and let the American people choose?


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