Feminist Author Amanda Marcotte Attempts To Discredit Newly-Established Pro-Choice Organization

If you’re having a “wait…what???” moment after reading the title, you read it correctly.  A feminist who professes to be pro-choice is attempting to discredit a pro-choice organization named 1Flesh.

From Salon:

1flesh is a new and strikingly effective attempt by anti-choice Christians to mimic the aesthetic of genuinely hip pro-sex education websites. The first reaction of most liberals would be, no doubt, a roll of the eyes and laughter at them fundies for even trying. Sure, the site has remarkably good design, especially for appealing to a younger audience (it looks quite a bit like MTV’s website), but the second one starts reading the content, it becomes clear that all the Twitter and Tumblr pages in the world can’t hide the fact that it’s promoting a no-sex-before-marriage agenda that will never, ever be cool.

Even though its attempts at selling a sex-negative message are doomed to eternal failure, we should still worry about this and other misinformation campaigns that are discouraging the use of contraception. You’ll never stop people from having sex, but well-placed misinformation could discourage them from taking necessary measures to prevent unintended pregnancy and STDs.

Most Americans by now have a passing familiarity with the way the anti-choice movement has grown past attacks on abortion and is moving on to attacks on contraception access, from defunding Planned Parenthood to fighting the Obama administration on an HHS requirement to make contraception available without a co-pay to women with insurance. What they may see less of is the war on contraception that’s going on in the culture. Anti-choice activists have been turning up the volume on misinformation campaigns aimed at creating doubt in the public, especially among young people, about the efficacy of contraception.

Ms. Marcotte is grossly (and rather deliberately) distorting the truth by attempting to portray 1Flesh as “selling a sex-negative message”.  In no way, shape, form or fashion is this even remotely close to being the truth.  Quite to the contrary, the primary message of 1Flesh is one of promoting safe and mutually satisfying sex.

So why would Ms. Marcotte attempt to discredit the group?  There could be several reasons as to why.

The first reason may be because 1Flesh, developed by a group of college students, promotes the Creighton Model Fertilitycare System which includes voluntary abstinence from sexual activity for 8 – 11 days per month as an effective means of birth control.

The Creighton Model Fertiltycare System is a natural method of family planning. It’s awesome. Its perfect use effectiveness at preventing pregnancy is 99.5% and its use effectiveness — “real world” effectiveness — is 96.8%. (Compare that to the use effectiveness of the Pill, which, in the 2011 study Contraceptive failure in the United States, was found to be just 91%.)

Creighton is completely natural, inexpensive, and has zero side-effects. It takes the simple, scientific fact that a woman’s cervical mucus changes in response to her fertility, then teaches women how to observe those changes and to chart them. Women, by understanding their own bodies, are far more effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy than the Pill manages to be. And it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. The method looks at a woman’s unique cycle and works with it.

The second reason that Ms. Marcotte may be attempting to discredit the group is because…well, it debunks just about every argument that supposedly pro-choice activists use in promoting artificial contraceptives.

We found, by looking at the best available analysis from sociology, medicine, philosophy and economics, that the widespread use of artificial contraception has failed to decrease STD prevalenceincreased the global rate of HIV, seriously harmed the environment, screwed up relationships, and is strongly correlated with increased divorcesabortions, and unplanned pregnancies. We found that hormonal contraception significantly increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, heart disease, and may very well be lowering her sex drive. We found that the safety and effectiveness artificial contraception is often falsely advertised by pharmaceutical companies, and that the health benefits of hormonal contraception are totally exaggerated.

The 1Flesh group acknowledges that it might end up ruffling some feathers by taking this type of approach to contraception ….

This is a dangerous idea. It’s dangerous because artificial contraception is heavily promoted by big pharmaceutical companies — like Bayer Corp. — and contraception providers — like Planned Parenthood. It’s dangerous because it’s not an idea supported by those in power. But most of all, it’s dangerous because it’s true.

…but apparently, these young people believe it is their own choice to make (which it is!) and would rather take an approach of pro-love, pro-romance, pro-marriage and meaningful sex.

1Flesh means just that. One flesh. Total union. No wrapping men in rubber or pumping women with artificial hormones. No interrupting the act of making love. Once the sex act became something in which women were “controlled” and men were “restrained” everything seemed to fall apart. Suddenly “objectification” wasn’t such a hard thing to do. Instead of repeating the mistakes of our parents, we’re trying to spread words of rebellion; that sex should be awesome and saved until marriage, that pregnancy can be justly avoided without harmful chemicals, and that love is worth fighting for.

We promote saving sex until marriage, and thus eliminating your risk of STDs, and practicing a natural, effective method of family planning within marriage, thus eliminating the negative effects of contraception, especially hormonal contraception.

Join 1Flesh. Help us bring sexy back.

Pro-choice activists proudly (and in very loud voices) proclaim that women should have the right to choose, don’t they?  Well, 1Flesh provides young women with an alternative to artificial contraception.

It just isn’t the choice that so-called pro-choice supporters and feminists such as Ms Marcotte want young adults to make!

Ms. Marcotte is displaying the typical frustration of a leftist who wants to have it both ways…supporting a pro-choice stance but only if it is the choice they deem to be “acceptable”!



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