To Rep. Mike Kelly, (R-PA): Thank You, Sir. A Million Times Over, Thank You! (UPDATED…RANT WARNING!)

This will be a short diary…perhaps the shortest I’ve ever written.

More often than not, we find ourselves discontent with how Republicans in Congress respond to situations.  They act as if they have no more confidence in we the people than the left does, and it gets discouraging to say the least.

In those situations when they do stand with us and beside us, the very least that we should do is to let them know how much we genuinely appreciate it!

For at least today, we had a champion who stood up on the behalf of the American people, especially those of us working and/or owning businesses in the private sector.  Mike Kelly was that champion.

We need a lot more of this kind of passion coming from those who represent us in Congress!

UPDATE:  I saw this video posted at youtube last night, and even then, reading some of the responses to the video raised my temperature by a few degrees.  I just checked back in on this…and I have to tell you, folks, the amount of sheer ignorance about how the private sector side of our economy works that is being displayed in those comments is astonishing!!!

I’ve been posting at RS for almost four years now and I’ve yet to use the word “idiot” in description of or response to anyone.  I’m using it now!  Some of the comments that are being posted in response to Mr. Kelly’s video are by far the most idiotic comments I’ve ever read!  (Yes, it IS that bad!)

You all-private-sector-activity-is-evil people are killing this country!


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