Republican GOTV and Social Events Diary (Alabama through Missouri)

40 Days and Counting!  Now’s the time to put “boots on the ground” in GOTV efforts!

First and foremost, here’s the link to Mitt Romney’s website.  If we take the time to check it out and become familiar with his policy positions, then we will be able to present informed arguments supporting OUR candidate during this last push prior to the election.  Also, the Romney team provides the opportunity for individual citizens to be active in making phone calls from their homes.

The comprised list below displays upcoming GOTV and/or social events in each of the states listed and provides calendar of events website links for further information of events taking place at the county level.  All of the websites listed below have links posted to access volunteer activities!   If you know of other GOTV or social events in your state that are not displayed in this list, please provide information of such in your responses to this diary.  Thanks.

Alabama GOP

The state of Alabama has a program called Battleground Patriots that is designed to help GOTV efforts in four states that voted for Obama in 2008, i.e. Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.  Volunteers will be traveling to those states to perform traditional campaign tasks.  Each trip during the month of October will last for approximately five days, and the linked site displays information about the dates those trips will be taken.

Alaska GOP        No upcoming GOTV events specified.

Arizona GOP           Calendar of events link

Arkansas GOP        Calendar of events link

California GOP

Wake Up America rally is scheduled for Oct. 7, 2012.  Madison Rising will be providing musical entertainment!!

This rally will provide you with ways to get involved in grassroots groups and initiatives so that you can make an immediate difference in the November election.

If you are concerned about the fiscal state of this country and state, this rally will provide you with ways to get involved in grassroots groups and initiatives so that you can make an immediate difference in the November election. Some of you may not believe this, but a small number of people can make a big difference in politics. Those with the loudest voice get heard. We need your voice!

Our country and state are on the precipice, but the ship can be turned around this November. Now is the time to get involved. Wake Up America!…Liberty is Waiting….Let’s Roll!

This will be a family-friendly event. Join us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon outside with your family and a community of like-minded people listening to Dennis Prager, Steve Bannon, Bill Whittle, Mark Meckler, and AlfonZo Rachel. What could be better?

Colorado GOP           Colorado Victory campaign link

Connecticut GOP           Calendar of events link

Delaware GOP            Calendar of events link

Florida GOP

The Republican Party of Florida Victory 2012 dinner will be held at the Disney Contemporary Hotel.  More information can be found here.

Georgia GOP           Calendar of events link

Hawaii GOP             Calendar of events link

Idaho GOP       No events listed on calendar.

Illinois GOP             Calendar of events link

Upcoming Events:

Sept 30:  Rep. Dan Moffitt’s Family Farm Picnic

Sept 30:  Rep. Jason Barickman’s Ford County Cook Out

Oct. 3:  Rep. Tom Morrison’s Reception with Coach Mike Ditka

Oct 4:  Apple Pie and Hors D’Oeuvres with Don Peloquin

See other events on Calendar!!!

Indiana GOP            Calendar of events

Iowa GOP                Calendar of events

Kansas GOP             Calendar of events

Kentucky GOP           Calendar of events

Louisiana GOP          Calendar of events

Maine GOP          No events listed on calendar

Maryland GOP      Calendar of events

Super Saturdays!!!

 Now is your chance to help turn Maryland—and America—around!

Join the Maryland Republican Party StrikeForce for our Super Saturdays.  We are asking that you volunteer at least ONE Saturday this autumn to make Maryland a true two party state!

The MDGOP StrikeForce is composed of grassroots activists who will work on behalf of all of our GOP candidates (Romney/Ryan, Dan Bongino, Andy Harris, Nancy Jacobs, Eric Knowles, Faith Loudon, Tony O’Donnell, Roscoe Bartlett, Frank Mirabile, Ken Timmerman) and provide ballot initiative education material.

Oktoberfest 2012

Join Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey and the Maryland Republican Party for an evening of Beer, Brats & Political Banter as we prepare our Countdown to Victory 2012.  Conservatives from all over the state will descend on the Maryland State Fairgrounds on the night of October 19.  All proceeds will assist the absentee ballot and early voting efforts of all 2012 Republican candidates in Maryland.  Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing our Keynote Speaker for the event, and it’s big

Massachusetts GOP     Calendar of events

Michigan GOP       Calendar of events

Minnesota GOP      Calendar of events

Mississippi GOP     Calendar of events

Missouri GOP     Calendar of events

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