Hey, Conservatives, Are You Ready to “Rumble”? #stopcommoncore Today. Be There.

Tweetfest is currently being held to raise awareness of common core standards and the impact that these standards will have on American children.  In preparation for this event, several common core resources are identified below.

Protect the future of education in America!  Join the #stopcommoncore rally!

Truth in American Education website

Stop Common Core website

The group associated with the Stop Common Core website also produced the following informative videos.

Part 1 of 5 Stop The Common Core 


Part 2 of 5 Stop the Common Core 


Part 3 of 5 Stop the Common Core 


Part 4 of 5 Stop the Common Core 


Part 5 of 5 Stop the Common Core 


Indiana Among States Acting to Oppose Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards’ Devastating Impact on Literary Study and Analytical Thinking

National Education Standards Trade Literature for Reading Government Documents


Common Core Education without Representation

Get Wise, America: Defining Terms of Education Reform

Homeschool blog in NY

Pennsylvanians Against Common Core

Americans for Prosperity Foundation report

Common Core State Standards opt out form

Common Core database example (for NC, it’s called CEDARS)

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