Response to the Kossacks (Edited)

To Erick and the moderators:  I know you guys are heading to NOLA during the next day or so for the Gathering.  I may be crossing a lot of lines by taking the initiative in responding to this one myself.  You want to ban me for it, have at it. 

Background info for Red Staters: 

On July 30th, Erick posted this diary requesting help for Caleb Howe’s family.  Someone (SemDem) at Daily Kos found it and decided to use it as a “teachable moment” for Conservatives.  Here is a portion of that individual’s response, which was primarily directed at Erick…

Erick, do you NOT see something fundamentally wrong with worrying about a friend’s health just because you don’t pay a decent wage?   When are you going to admit that our unique, for-profit, insurance-based health care system is trash?  The goal of  insurance companies is not to help the sick, but to make obscene profits for their stakeholders.  It’s inefficient, extremely expensive, and deadly.

So of course you want to repeal Obamacare.  And what the **** [edited to comply with site rules] is your apparent “solution”?  A tin cup on your website?

Are you going to do this FOR ALL of your RedState readers with no insurance?  There are many of them here in the South, Erick, and they aren’t as well-connected.

Our healthcare system only works for those who have money (or Congress).  Most companies offer some kind of crappy insurance; but there are others who could easily afford it and yet choose not to.  (And is it any surprise Erick Erickson’s company falls in that category?)

Note to SemDem:  You should have checked your facts before you went on a rant directed at Erick.  Most of the bloggers for RS are unpaid.  They voluntarily contribute their efforts to the site.  Erick is not their employer. 

Now, about our government and the American healthcare system…

Can you name one program in the US that our federal government manages efficiently?  Bit of a problem, isn’t it?  Lots of waste and fraud going on behind the scenes.  How much in public funds do you want to continue to throw into that black hole???? 

As the size and scope of government grows, that fraud and waste is increased exponentially.  Again, how much in public funds do you want to continue to throw into that black hole????

Obamacare is THE single most expensive piece of legislation ever passed into law in the US.   It  has always been a very badly constructed piece of legislation.  There are concepts included within the law that could be of benefit in improving our healthcare system, depending on the manner in which those concepts were applied and/or implemented.  Implementation has not been going very well.  (No, that can not be laid at the door of Republicans.)  Poor planning and implementation, combined with a piece of legislation that was poorly designed to begin with, make for a very bad scenario for the American public.  A “trainwreck” waiting to happen.  Just like Baucus stated it would be. 

Anyone who knows how our healthcare system works has become aware of the fact that our healthcare system could be facing significant danger.  Those dangers could and most likely would have a direct impact on public health. 

Rather than acknowledge those dangers, facing them head on, dealing with them realistically, the majority of Liberals have painted rose-colored illusions, focusing solely on access to health insurance while glossing over the potential destruction of our healthcare system. 

Health insurance doesn’t automatically guarantee health care.

This isn’t all about politics.  Over 10% of the American public is employed in health care (that doesn’t include peripherals). If the healthcare industry takes an economic dive, how much of our economy will take a dive with it?  Would you say we have a lot of economic wiggle-room to play with?  In this extended recession? 

Obamacare is “doing something”. 

“Doing something” isn’t always better than doing nothing at all.

Edited:  Many thanks to SemDem for acknowledging that s/he lashed out at Erick without knowing full facts.

A few other facts…the fund didn’t start out at 25K.  It was originally much lower than that.  The funds were intended for the girls to be used in getting ready for the school year.  There was such an outpouring of sincere generosity that the amount was increased, keeping the fund open and allowing other people to donate who wanted to do so.

As you can see below, the family is indeed grateful for any and all funds that have been contributed.  This doesn’t mean that they are grateful to have this situation manipulated for political purposes.

In response to your other comments, our social programs work, but not even remotely as efficiently as they could.  The lack of efficiency translates into waste that takes expendable income out of the pockets of consumers.

Y’all want to have a conversation about that, and about how that undermines the social and economic future of every citizen in this nation…I daresay there are plenty of Conservative far more qualified than myself who can carry on that conversation.

I have a limited range of semi-expertise, primarily healthcare.  Obamacare is overkill.  Badly constructed and poorly implemented overkill.  2014 is not something to look forward to, unfortunately.

Interesting day so far.  Well, time for me to go to work now.





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