In The Fight For Life: Defending Life 2013

    Dr. Gosnell’s trial begins on Monday. The events surrounding the arrest of Dr. Gosnell served as an eye-opener for pro-life and pro-abortion forces alike.  One of the key factors revealed in the case is that agencies which should have protected the general public from the callous and willful negligence of Dr. Gosnell turned a blind eye to the facts, leaving not only hundreds of viable | Read More »

    In The Fight For Life: 3801 Lancaster

    3801 Lancaster is the former street address for Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s personal “house of horrors”, officially known as the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society.  Dr. Gosnell is currently being held, pending trial, which is set to begin on Monday, Mar.18, 2013.  For those who aren’t familiar with the story of Dr. Gosnell, the following provides a brief overview of the case: Gosnell, whose squalid “house of | Read More »

    In The Fight For Life: Arkansas, Mar. 2013

    Another “hallelujah” moment!  The Arkansas House on Wednesday voted to override Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto of a bill that would ban most abortions from the 12th week of pregnancy onward, giving the state the country’s most restrictive abortion laws and setting the stage for a certain court challenge. A day after the Republican-led state Senate voted to override Beebe’s veto, the GOP-controlled House voted | Read More »

    Finally, Honest Words From the Pro-Abortion Society

    I feel like singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now.  No more “safe, legal and rare” canard.  No more lies about how an unborn child is just a “bunch of cells”.  The left is finally coming “out of the closet” on the truth that life begins at conception and abortion is murder.  Or at least, one author on the left is doing so…Salon author Mary Elizabeth | Read More »

    Elisa Bauer: Potential Case Of Government-Imposed Abortion and Sterilization

    There is a pending court case in Nevada that deserves our attention because it could establish a very dangerous precedent in the future. The case involves Elisa Bauer, a 32-year-old woman who is mentally and physically disabled due to fetal alcohol syndrome.  Fetal alcohol syndrome develops when an expectant mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy.  This can result in developmental issues for the child that lead | Read More »

    Another Senseless, Preventable Death Lies At The Door of Planned Parenthood

    From the Life News website: A young woman has died after having a second-trimester abortion at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood clinic. Tonya Reaves, 24, died late Friday night, according to a local CBS television station, of hemorrhage, with a cervical dilation and evacuation, according to the medical examiner’s office following an autopsy after the abortion that claimed her life. CBS Chicago said Reaves died after the | Read More »

    Is Obamacare Pushing Private Practice Doctors Over The Cliff? 83% Surveyed Say They Are Thinking of Quitting!

    According to a survey sponsored by the Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation, the answer to the question posted in the title is a resounding “yes”.  In an article entitled “Doctors Attitudes on the Future of Healthcare:  What’s Wrong, Who’s to Blame, and What Will Fix It”, the responses to the survey reveal the crisis that private practice physicians are facing. KEY FINDINGS 90% say the | Read More »

    The Left’s New Attack On Right To Life: Post Delivery Abortions

    Well, after vomiting thoroughly and crying for a while, I’m ready to rant!  Let’s begin with this article at the Weekly Standard, which discusses an article entitled “After-birth Abortion:  Why Should The Baby Live?” that was written by medical ethicists and printed in the “esteemed” Journal of Medical Ethics last month.  (The original article has been pulled from Internet access since the date it was | Read More »

    Abortion “Onion”: Conclusion

    This is the conclusion to the Abortion “Onion”.  To summarize what has been discussed in Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4: Abortion is an industry.  Fetal tissue harvesting is a lucrative business. Pro-choice advocates have adamantly protested against laws that would promote patient safety and quality of care.  Planned Parenthood is being allowed to establish themselves as an accrediting body providing accreditation | Read More »

    Abortion “Onion”: Layer 4

    This is a continuation of Abortion “Onion”: Layer 1,  Layer 2 , and Layer 3. In the first part of this series, two specific points were identified.  The first point is that abortion is industry.  The second point is that fetal tissue harvesting is a very lucrative business. In the second part of this series, elements of the healthcare industry, primarily certification and accreditation were | Read More »