Conservatism and Living Your Own Life

    Hundreds and hundreds of comments posted to numerous diaries lately have occupied hours of my nights here at Redstate in regards to Social/Fiscal/Conservatism/GOProud/CPAC/Etc. I would read one comment and agree, then read someone’s rebuttal and agree again. I continue to pour over the words, searching for an answer, (where is Vassar when you need him?) but in frustration, I sit back and wonder if there is no | Read More »

    Revisiting an Inspiring VB Diary…We Need It Now.

    Now that the primaries are long gone, these words are more important today than they were over a month ago: You almost always have the right post at the right time. Penquin also has a good way of doing that also. Now is the time for us all to unite and not fight with each other. It has been one big circle firing line lately around | Read More »

    Studying Vassar Bushmills

    All through my twenties and thirties I referred to myself as a Conservative. I voted that way, therefore I was.  In my mind, an exceptionally patriotic Conservative.  In reality, it boiled down to just one day out of every 1460.  And then my forties came and I was mysteriously “introduced” to two very influential, “never to know and never to meet” men who will never know me or | Read More »

    Mushrooms and Immigration

    Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is known as the “Mushroom Capital of the World”. In this small town, located about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia, mushroom growing has evolved over the past 100 years into a multi-million dollar industry. Every year, the residents of Chester County enjoy the Annual Mushroom Festival that draws thousands of people from all over the state. The output of mushrooms from here | Read More »

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

    The news comes so fast and furious these days that it is hard to keep up and even harder to get answers once the cycle turns to something new. Michael Jackson morphed into Tiger Woods and Ben Neilson’s bribe was blurred by the Scott Brown win. The escapade of Bernie Madoff was shut off once the cell door shut behind him. And on and on | Read More »

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    A Cold January Day

    The year is 2012. The morning is blistery cold. The morale of the country is as beaten down as it could ever be. The people are using stamps to get free rides on Septa to make it to the steps of The Capitol. Hundreds of thousands of worn-out citizens, all races, all ages, rushing to get a glimpse of the festivities. Their eyes are wide | Read More »


    Something to Brighten your Day

    Please don’t get mad at me for such a small diary entry but there was no Open Thread today. Below is a 50 second video that I am sure will bring a big smile to your face. It is fantastic! We all need a little bit of humor in our lives once in awhile, especcially these days! Enjoy!

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    Glenn Beck Book Signing Last Night

    Exton, Pennsylvania. Driving down Rt. 100 at 5:00 last night was not driving at all. It was quite a crawl to my destination, Barnes and Noble at Main Street. There is usually a bit of rush hour traffic in this particular area, but this was an entirely different story. Possibly an accident up ahead and out of sight. After 25 minutes, I finally made the | Read More »

    Rally around Dick Cheney’s Request

    This is the first diary I have written in quite a long time.  I hope that most had the opportunity to watch our Former Vice President Dick Cheney in all his true eloquence last night on the Hannity show. His words last night were so important, so well stated and so transparently heart-felt. In speaking about the release of the memos regarding the “tactics” used to | Read More »

    Reagan Address

    Inuagural Address