Another grant recipient link

    Joyce Foundation- Grant recipient- FENTON COMMUNICATIONS(please read all the way through, there is a point to all this)David Fenton CEO of Fenton CommunicationsBiography”David Fenton has turned leftist activism into big


    On Obama’s fake education program

    I couldn’t wait to hear the moderator ask about the Education Policies of both candidates last night. As soon as it came, I perked up and said, Okay, here we

    A Winning Road for McCain to travel

    Tonight, at some point, McCain should say the following. He would undoubtedly solidify a victory…*Throughout my career I have tried to conduct myself with honor and accountability. Along the way,

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    Like Father Like Son

    Below is an excerpt from 1965 written by Barack Hussein Obama I in the East Africa Journal giving his thoughts on a paper written by the African Government on the


    Mortgage Fraud on Purpose

    To the comments I recieved on Mortgage Fraud Diary:I am not talking about people just trying to get into homes for free. I am saying that this was DELIBERATE. PLANNED.On


    MORTGAGE FRAUD????!!!!!!

    This could possibly be an even worse senerio than voter fraud. Just as easily executed and hidden and simple facts could point directly at this very thing. Please read all


    Coincidence, Paranoia or Real?

    I hope to God this is truly paranoia on my part…Suppose you didn’t believe in a capitolistic America. Your whole life was built around hatred for America. You’d like to

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    Annenberg Challenge and Obamas Campaign

    Headed by Bill Ayers to receive the money with power given to Barack Obama to dole out the cash. 49.2 million dollar grant with many matches from other entities. A

    Joyce Foundation and Obamas Campaign

    It is difficult to wrap words around the web of this, so I will try to just give verbatum facts that tie all of this madness together. It could be


    World Series of Poker- Debate Style

    Ante up. Place your blinds. Defend your blinds. Bluff. Tilt.Phil Helmuth at the final table, the self-proclaimed best No-Limit Hold-em player in the world, in a hand with a young

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