Fairfax County Bending Ballot Rules Against Mark Obenshain

    UPDATE:  Now on the radio we hear that Fairfax County ( or should I say Cook County) has magically discovered 3200 absentee ballots they somehow forgot to count. Also, we learn more about sell-out Bob McDonnell teaming with Soros to betray Republicans : —————— For all you folks in Virginia, as of last night Mark Obenshain’s lead for Attorney General is down to just 55 votes.  Friday was | Read More »

    Left groups trying to register dead people and dogs

    Here’s a link from Drudge:   This outfit, Voter Participation Center, sent this guy a voter registration form for his dead dog. This same group just sent a registration form to my PA friend’s dead grandmother. Now, she has been dead for many years, and never lived in PA. Yet my friend received this form in the mail for her, and could have easily | Read More »

    Drudge links to Examiner hit piece on Santorum; address published

    As if we needed more evidence that Matt Drudge is in the tank for Romney, he links today to this outrageous hit piece on Santorum in the Examiner of all places: The author, Steve Contorno, fills this piece with innuendo of wrongdoing when in reality Santorum bought his house in a perfectly aboveboard, responsible way. I’ve rarely seen a piece which so clearly and outrageously twists | Read More »

    Have you seen this video? I hope it goes viral.

    “” This is my first attempt at this. The video is on Youtube on the channel UncleSamAmerica. Looks like it was shot at the same location as the “Granny Over the Cliff” one. Is this the Palisades over the Hudson? I’m still smiling after watching it.