My God People! Are you giving up already!!!???!!

    I am getting the impression from some of the diaries on here that we are resigning ourselves to losing on Tuesday. “Looking toward the future..” Yada Yada Yada. I look to RS for information, comeraderie and a morale boost. I don’t like to see such self-pity! Here is Drudge’s top story. O 46.7% M 44.6% 8.7% UNSURE Defeat is not assured, righteous wind or | Read More »

    Open Question on Election Day results

    Hello RedStaters! I was about to write some crying tome about The One on Men’s Health, how long will the MSM peddle fiction as fact, and how long will we survive under the smothering piles of BullSh*t being heeped on us…

    Dear Diary: I am MAD AS HELL!

    I am just so mad and pissed off!!

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    A Man A Plan Acorn: OBAMA!

    Hello Red Staters. This is my first Diary entry here on the site. Very excited to be a part of the process. Living her in the Bronx, it is tough to be a Republican/John McCain supporter. I don’t know if it is particularly easy anywhere, but in a left leaning burg such as this, it’s pretty lonely. Most presidential elections go about 85% to 12% | Read More »