The Four Legs of Modern Western Civilization:
  • The rule of law, not totalitarianism
  • Representative government, not mob rule
  • The right to own private property
  • The right to buy and sell your property, goods, services, and labor as you choose.


    Economic Central Planning is Just Nuts

    Occupy Wall Street, Democrats, the Obama administration, Davos, the Communist Party, and various and sundry fans of government have recently gotten on yet another predictable kick about replacing capitalism with some form of highly regulated central planning. When people are free to buy what they want and make what they want, they say, the marketplace goes wild, dogs and cats start living together, the poles | Read More »

    Someone to vote FOR

    It’s always dangerous to overthink. But right now I’m cogitating on the GOP primary contests and how to characterize the people who support each of the candidates, and wondering if I have thought enough. Who are the candidates and their supporters? Mitt Romney: His supporters are the country club Republicans and the people who base their support on who they think will win. As other | Read More »

    Just 23% believe Gov’t has Consent of the Governed

    Just 23% say the US Government has the consent of the governed. This result of a new Rasmussen Poll is startling in its simplicity. It simply states that in the opinion of the people, their representatives have not been representing them but doing something else. How else could the American people have come to the conclusion that their own government rules in their name but | Read More »

    All Aboard for the Hoax and Chains Express 2012!

    We are in the first, heady days of the Obama 2012 Campaign. Let’s see what is going on. What will Obama run against? He will run, naturally on Hoax and Chains, just as he did last time. But this time instead of running against George W. Bush, he will run against John McCain, or at least his foreign policy as embodied in the foreign policy | Read More »

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. But Facebook…

    The other night I watched The Social Network. At the beginning of the movie Mark Zuckerberg sat down in his Harvard dorm room and in a drunken coding binge wrote a web application that asked users to compare female faces for who was hotter. Then the application ranked the results. Zuckerberg sat back and watched as it went viral so quickly that it brought the | Read More »

    Mitch Daniels suffering by contrast with Walker and Kasich–Updated

    The public labor union bullying of the elected legislature and governor continues in Wisconsin, where Scott Walker stands resolute in his plan to balance the budget not only this year, but also for the future. Gold plated union pensions and contracts negotiated through an incestuously corrupt process threaten to bankrupt the state in the near future, and have created a $137 million deficit this year | Read More »

    If a disordered desk signifies a disordered mind, what does an empty desk signify?

    Don’t take this too seriously. It’s just a bit of fun. William F. Buckley’s Desk… And Nat Hentoff’s Desk… And Albert Einstein’s Desk… And Barack Obama’s Desk… Have a better caption than the one I put in the title? Let’s have a caption contest in the comments. X-posted


    How High is the Debt Ceiling?

    In the past week many flocks of birds have been dropping dead out of the sky, fish have floated belly up on various rivers, and bumble bees are buzzing off to drop dead too. Some have been blaming Bush, others have been blaming invisible airplanes, anti-missile technology, UFOs, Obamacare, Global Warmening/ Coolening, and Santa Claus’s hypersonic sleigh. But the most amusing reason I’ve heard is | Read More »

    Make the Bush Tax Rates Permanent in 2011

    The 2-Year tax rate extension negotiated between Obama and some Republican congress-critters looks like it will get through and be passed. But this will not be before Nancy Pelosi’s pork brigade finishes larding it up with a bunch of noxious spending to make it more palatable to her gang in the House and Harry Reid’s gang in the Senate. As per plan, it will also | Read More »

    Of Tea Parties, Tempests, and Teapots

    The Tea Party Patriots and the Claremont Institute both scheduled shindigs to welcome the Freshman class of Republicans to Washington DC on the same day, at overlapping times. It’s a classic tempest in a teapot. Leaving aside hurt feelings, territoriality and resentments it’s important to make a few points. The Tea Party Patriots event begins with brunch and goes 11:30AM to 3:30PM. The Claremont event | Read More »