OH-16, You Have a Problem

    Get this great quote from that wonderful Dem lawmaker, John Boccieri of OH-16, in response to the barrage of contact he is having to deal with regarding the health care bill: “We can’t even get to the business of the day, helping folks with their passports and weeding through some of the bureaucratic red tape. That’s frustrating,” Boccieri said. “I wish they would just let | Read More »

    Some aspects of the just-published health care bill

    Referring to the bill found at, it seems to: 1) Fund additional residents (doctor trainees) in primary care (the favored medical specialties) at certain hospitals 2) Specifies minimum services that must be covered, including all preventive services and mental health and substance abuse treatment (combined with #3 below, will pay in perpetuity for someone to recycle in and out of mental health and substance | Read More »

    Rationing Under Medicare – Right Now

    Here’s some information that is instructive about what life would be like under the proposed health care insurance public option and that tells us why, when people crow about Medicare being a government program that everyone loves, there should be an informed response that educates those who are and will be patients under it (i.e., virtually all of us): From the August 28, 2009, report | Read More »

    How to become a Florida Republican Party Committeeman

    See Fla Mom