Mr. Chapman began his career working for legendary Texas political leader Bob Bullock. He spent eight years in the Texas Controller office. He is the President and founder of the American Small Business League. He is one of the very few people that fight for small businesses in America.


    Trump Should Back Injunction to Stop SBA Corruption and Fraud

    The American Small Business League (ASBL) has filled for an injunction against the Small Business Administration (SBA) to halt rampant fraud and corruption that has cheated middle class small businesses out of hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars in government contracts and subcontracts. We believe the Obama Administration has cheated the nation’s 28 million small businesses, including women, minority and disabled veteran-owned small | Read More »

    President Obama Must Be Suffering From Cognitive Dissonance

    I am always shocked at President Obama’s State of the Union addresses. There is a staggering disconnect between the man talking on the TV and the actual policies that have come from his administration. After watching President Obama’s State of the Union address last night I began to wonder, does he actually believe what he is saying is true? I think he does. Is he | Read More »

    Republican Presidential Candidates Should Be Courting Small Businesses

    I have noticed a growing volume of national advertising targeted at small business owners. National advertisers seem to understand the significant economic power of small businesses. What I have not seen is any focus on issues affecting small businesses from any of the Presidential candidates. U.S. Census Bureau data indicates there are over 28 million small businesses in America. Those firms employ over 50% of | Read More »

    Louisiana Senator Vitter To Expose Obama Anti-Small Business Policies

    Senate Small Business Committee Chairman, David Vitter, is taking a stand to end the Obama Administration’s rampant anti-small business policies. On May 19, sent a letter to SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet asking for a complete list of all the firms the SBA reported as small businesses in fiscal year 2014. He also asked for the volume of federal small business contracts those firms received and | Read More »

    Fox News Should Expose Obama’s Anti-Small Business Agenda

    Last week, Public Citizen, a government watchdog group founded by Ralph Nader, released an investigative report that exposed the Obama Administration has cheated American middle class small businesses out of hundreds of billions in federal small business contracts. The investigative report was titled, “Slighted” with a subtitle, “Accounting Tricks Create False Impression That Small Businesses Are Getting Their Fair Share of Federal Procurement Money, and | Read More »

    How Far Will Obama Go To Silence Whistleblower Lloyd Chapman?

    I have noticed something unusual in the media coverage of President Obama’s proposal in his FY 2016 budget to permanently close the Small Business Administration. There isn’t any. In 2012, when Obama proposed to permanently close the SBA and end all federal programs for small businesses by combining it with the Department of Commerce, there was a significant uproar and national media coverage. So much | Read More »

    Obama Plan To Kill Federal Small Business Programs Goes Unreported

    In a few weeks Congress and President Obama will agree on the federal government’s FY 2016 budget. I’m predicting buried deep inside that budget will be President Obama’s plan to permanently close the Small Business Administration and end all federal programs to assist small businesses by combining it with the Department of Commerce. Once the two agencies are combined, the staff and programs of the | Read More »

    Is Obama Going After Bloggers In His War On Whistleblowers And Transparency?

    In addition to the Obama Administration’s war on whistleblowers, their staggering lack of transparency seems to be escalating at an unprecedented pace. Last year 38 journalistic organizations sent President Obama a letter asking him to stop politically driven censorship of the media. Just a few days later 47 Inspector’s General sent letters to the House and Senate Government Reform Committees asking for their help in | Read More »

    Obama Administration Proposes Final Phase In Killing Small Business Programs

    In the last year the Obama Administration has implemented policies and legislation that will slowly dismantle all federal programs for small businesses. In his 2016 budget he announced his plan that will permanently close the Small Business Administration by combining it with the Department of Commerce. I predicted Obama would close the SBA by combining it with the Department of Commerce in 2008 after working | Read More »

    Obama’s Anti-Small Business “Safe Harbor From Fraud Policy” Goes Unreported

    This week the Obama Administration succeeded in avoiding any mainstream media coverage when they implemented one of the most vile anti-middle class and anti-small business policies in history. The “safe harbor from fraud penalties” policy went into effect after the Small Business Administration issued their Final Rule on its implementation on Feb. 11. After I had released a barrage of press releases and blogs sounding | Read More »