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    Could this be FACTUAL?

    Today, I had two things that popped up on my computer that REALLY got my attention. I’m digging into them but I thought I would share these with my RS friends and see what their thoughts just might be. Item #1. What’s Barry real motive to stop his campaign and fly off to see Hawaii? I know the campaign says it his grandmother. That she | Read More »

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    Tonight outside Belmont – Obama supporters cult “like”. Really weird!!!

    Vets For Freedom was outside Belmont tonight for the debate. We wanted to make sure that we let everyone know that our message was in support of our troops and the surge had worked. For some strange reason Nashville finest seem to congregate around us, which was fine. We got along great. About a group of 500 were on hand where we were station and | Read More »


    Arrogant Freshman Senator

    After watching Obama’s live news conference I can only say this man is not ready to be a dog catcher. He came across arrogant, ill advised, lost and misplaced.The MSM media has “totally” destroyed America’s election process. The MSM media has already has crowned Obama President and today Obama was trying to show them how Presidential he really is. Today, Obama was out of his | Read More »

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