Atlas Shrugged, the Movie

    I was excited to be going to see Atlas Shrugged, Part 1. I had just read the book for the first time last year, and it became one of my top favorite books. I shrugged off the ultra-low rating at RottenTomatoes, expecting the film critics to just be reflecting their bias, and I went with my family and friends to see the movie. Unfortunately, I found | Read More »

    Commentary: President Obama Believes…

    President Obama believes that anyone in the world should be able to walk into America and take a job away from an American citizen. President Obama believes that American citizens should be responsible for paying for the education of the people who violate the country’s immigration laws. President Obama believes that his Wall Street friends are entitled to their big salaries because they work hard for their | Read More »


    Attributes of a 2012 Winner

    The most prominent attribute of a successful presidential candidate, in my opinion, is his or her desire to win. As we saw in the last election, very qualified and popular candidates in the primary fissled out quickly. I’m specifically thinking about Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani. I think that most conservatives would have been thrilled to get behind a Fred Thompson campaign, but it was | Read More »

    My Thoughts on the One Nation Rally in D.C.

    Having attended two Tea Parties in D.C., and having watched the Restoring Honor rally on TV, I was anxious to compare how a rally staged by the Left in the same venue would compare. I drove in from Maryland, and spent from noon till 1:30PM observing the crowd. Based on what I saw, I got the feeling that the Left is trying to adapt their message to meet a | Read More »

    Obama must stop in Afghanistan after Olympics Trip

    President Obama has called the Afghanistan war against the Taliban the “War of Necessity”, yet, as we recently learned, he has spoken to his chosen Commander, General McChrystal, only once in the last seven months. Instead of working with the military at a critical time in the war, when troops are being killed at an increasing rate, President Obama has decided to take a misguided | Read More »

    Obama’s Speech to School Children

    Mike Rowe, from “Dirty Jobs” fame, is currently advocating for more social acceptance of blue collar jobs.  He documents the shortage of high skilled trade jobs like welders and pipe fitters (the WSJ has also covered this –, and he believes that one of the reasons for this is that society paints this type of career path as the consequence for not completing college. | Read More »

    Colin Powell’s Response to the Gates Affair

    It’s great that Colin Powell said yesterday that Gates was in the wrong and that Obama shouldn’t have commented. What was interesting, though, was that Powell used his own situation to explain why Gates may have overreacted. Powell explained that, in National Airport, he was not recognized by Airport Security, even though he was the National Security Advisor. He said that he was just seen as a another black | Read More »

    Iranian Nuclear Power Ok, What about US?

    If it’s ok for Iran to develop nuclear plants, ostensibly for domestic energy production, why isn’t it ok for the US to build new nuclear plants? Seems like we’re striving to become a 3rd world country?

    Sotomayor and Baseball

    An attempt will be made throughout the Sotomayor nomination process to connect her to the common man. This will undoubtably be done through her connection to her baseball ruling. In Obama’s introduction, he stated: During her tenure on the District Court, she presided over roughly 450 cases. One case in particular involved a matter of enormous concern to many Americans, including me: the baseball strike of 1994-1995. | Read More »

    What’s behind the need to close Gitmo???

    I’ve always been curious about the motivation behind the left’s desperate desire to remove prisoners from Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The explanation that we shouldn’t have prisons outside of the US is belied by Obama’s continuation of the Rendition Program as well as the prison that we’re running in Afghanistan. Well, I guess that it’s pretty obvious now why. It looks like Obama is setting up to continue | Read More »