I’ve Been Away For A While And Now This

    Right after the disasterous election of ’08, I joined RedState as a place where like minded people and I could exchange ideas and help each other through the difficult times ahead. I’d been lurking for some time but finally felt the urge to participate especially since, being a Sarah Palin supporter, I had found a place where that support would not be ridiculed. Then came | Read More »

    I Choose To Fight

    I am a Republican. The first vote I cast in a Presidential Election was for the re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984 and I have not looked back since. The conservative message it puts forth speaks to the fundamental traditions that made America what it is today. We all know that mistakes were made by those people we entrusted to do our work in Washington, | Read More »

    Why Sarah Palin Matters.

    Since Election Day, an increasing number of conservatives and Republicans have written here and on other sites and publications of the need for a new direction. I believe that for our party to move into a new century, it needs to do so decisively and without hesitation. I believe that Governor Sarah Palin is the person to do that. Whether indifferent or openly hostile towards | Read More »