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Born, raised and educated in N.Y.C. public schools. While attending Brooklyn College alias "The Little Red Schoolhouse" I rebelled over liberal-left, pro-Communist brainwashing to become a staunch Jewish Conservative. Prior to retiring, I enjoyed a lifetime of political activism on behalf of the Conservative and Republican Parties. This included managing campaigns , writing position papers on issues and political advertising. Have had over 400 letters published in various publications and authored the book, "More than a Conservative". In 1962 I was one of the founders of the N.Y. State Conservative Party. Before retiring and moving to New Jersey I was Secretary of the Richmond County Republican Party on Staten Island, N.Y.



    Donald Trump has turned off many potential supporters by ignoring Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment; to speak no evil of fellow Republicans. He has lost sight of his major opponents, the Obama Administration failures, Hillary Clinton’s incompetence and lies and the Democrat Party’s determination to socialize America. Minimizing or destroying his Republican Party opponents is a failed strategy. No doubt, Democrat campaign professionals are archiving Trump’s | Read More »


        Imagine, our 45th President could be someone considered untrustworthy. That is the strange political phenomenon facing our Nation. In one year, legal citizens across this country will exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. According to recent polls and political experts someone 60% of America’s citizenry considers dishonest will be elected President. What does that imply about our electorate and how might that affect | Read More »


    Can we be optimistic about New Jersey’s future if liberal legislators care more about potential tax revenue than the dangers in legalizing recreational marijuana? This state’s drug epidemic is severe enough without further enticing the young, poor and uninformed with a “gateway drug” to heroin addiction. Yet, In spite of denials, those promoting marijuana for medical use are also encouraging legalization for pleasure. The potential | Read More »


    Why did ultra liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 15% (D.-MA) remind Presidential candidates, “they must curb the influence of Wall Street and banks on the political process“? It seems as if she was specifically targeting her party’s leading Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton who is the largest benefactor of wealthy Wall Street contributors and “too large to fail” banks. Mrs. Clinton can | Read More »


    Americans are being treated to a unique political campaign highlighted by a few candidates incorporating Populism. This, combined with communication skills, could emulate an unexpected victorious campaign by Ronald Reagan 35 years ago. Most political prognosticators failed to recognize early on the potential impact Populism and communication proficiency would play in his political career. Many considered Reagan a Class “B” Hollywood movie actor who starred | Read More »


          The United States and Free-world face extremely serious life-threatening problems. Thousands of innocent lives have already been sacrificed as fanatical extremists intend to rule the world. Yet, Democrats and the Mainstream Press are fixated on “gay sex” as a major campaign issue. They believe fundamentally changing our society should encompass redefining the century-old religious and biblical custom of marriage. They hope to | Read More »


    Hillary Clinton will use “Income Inequality” as a campaign issue. She believes  our government should tax benefits earned by the conscientious and successful to subsidize those who seek no skill, education or lack individual effort or ambition. If that sounds like it originated under Karl Marx, it did. Mrs. Clinton’s own Party is responsible for lack of jobs, wage disparity and an unending recession. Lackluster | Read More »


    A simple apology is insufficient to atone for deliberate deception of the American people. The only fair and reasonable punishment for George Stephanopoulos should be permanent removal from broadcasting to prevent this from reoccurring. Neither, should we completely absolve Disney-controlled ABC. They knew when hiring Stephanopoulos he was a long standing supporter and political operative for the Clintons. Yet, they have knowingly permitted continuation of | Read More »


            Should dedicated police officers be intimidated and threatened by street mobs? Should our first line of defense against criminality, public lewdness and disorder, be under siege by those intent on overthrowing our Nation? Should police be disbanded or made to relinquish their weapons? If we capitulate, America as we know it will be history. Demonstrators right to free speech and to assemble peacefully are | Read More »

    America’s Future Questionable

         Most polls indicate America is heading in the wrong direction. The coming culmination of Barack Obama’s presidency indicates no genuine accomplishments and many grave failures. Even the pro-Obama press and media that have acted as personal cheering squads find it difficult to identify meaningful successes. Six years of the Obama Administration have left future generations with an almost insurmountable burden of over eighteen | Read More »

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