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Born, raised and educated in N.Y.C. public schools. While attending Brooklyn College alias "The Little Red Schoolhouse" I rebelled over liberal-left, pro-Communist brainwashing to become a staunch Jewish Conservative. Prior to retiring, I enjoyed a lifetime of political activism on behalf of the Conservative and Republican Parties. This included managing campaigns , writing position papers on issues and political advertising. Have had over 400 letters published in various publications and authored the book, "More than a Conservative". In 1962 I was one of the founders of the N.Y. State Conservative Party. Before retiring and moving to New Jersey I was Secretary of the Richmond County Republican Party on Staten Island, N.Y.



         Prior to his election, President Obama said that legally altering or instituting laws involving Immigration must involve Congressional action. When he took the Oath of Office he promised to defend the United States Constitution and our Nation’s laws. He is doing the exact opposite by issuing an Executive Order revising an existing law he promised to honor and defend. Doing so, ignores the sentiment of most Americans, negates | Read More »


    It must be close to Election Day for in her recent speech, Michelle Obama reinvented the “Republican War on Women” campaign issue. Why would any woman prefer to vote for a member of a Party that promised “hope and change” and to bring people together and then substituted fear, envy and class warfare? How ironic that under her husband’s tenure economic failure affecting both men | Read More »


          It is no coincidence that many American cities plagued by crime violence, poverty and inadequate educational opportunities are governed by Democrats. Neither, is it a mystery why cities like Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois remain dangerous and blighted for years.      Surely, no one wants to live in hopelessness or deplorable conditions but the truth is that | Read More »


         President Obama’s long-standing antagonism toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s present conduct of the war creates a quandary for many Jewish Americans, especially, stanch supporters and financial contributors to him and the Democrat Party. Regardless of his public pronouncements, Administration sympathies seem squarely with the Hamas controlled Palestine government. Sec. of State John Kerry even counseled Israel in his latest ”cease-fire proposal” | Read More »


    Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change America” is succeeding beyond all expectations. Using the power and influence of government and its purse strings he and Democrats have successfully endangered the future for our young, the elderly and minority Americans. Our younger generation is now overburdened with trillions in unpaid public debt and responsibility for subsidizing senior’s medical costs associated with ObamaCare . Ironically, this group | Read More »


          The Asbury Park Press editorial “Don’t snub vocational training” and proposed State legislation to expand that curriculum were right on target. We need an educational system that understands what creates financial success and self-esteem in a changing society. Greater emphasis must be placed on preparing our younger generation to work and thrive in today’s real world. For that to be successful, our Nation | Read More »


    “Income Inequality” will be Hillary Clinton’s major campaign issue yet, her own Party is responsible for lack of jobs, wage disparity and unending recession. Economic conditions directly impact business profit, job creation and worker salaries. When the President stresses pro-union, anti-business policies and uncertainty arises concerning costs of Obamacare legislation, all are adversely affected. President Obama’s “Jobs Czar”, G. E’s President Jeffrey Immelt, encouraged construction of | Read More »


    In 2008, candidate Barack Obama promised that Veteran Administration hospitals will lead the Nation in health care reform. Now, almost 6 years later and only after whistle blowers described the VA’s conditions as disgraceful, patient mortality rates increasing and falsified records, Barack Obama claims to be “mad as hell”. Evidently, his anger was insufficient to alter his consistent schedule of golf outings, vacations, sightseeing or | Read More »


    The House Select Committee hearings are necessary to understand what happened before, during and following the Benghazi attack. Yes, democrats will call it a kangaroo court and a waste of time and money. The pro-Obama press and media will boycott or completely ignore the inquiry. But Americans and, especially, families of those murdered must learn the truth devoid of political hype, spin, false narratives and | Read More »


    America’s future will bare little resemblance to the Nation we, our parents and our forefathers willed to us. Rather than a free and open society based on a sound Constitution and two party political system it will become a one party Democrat dictatorship. More than likely, George W. Bush was the last Republican President for generations to come. This will insure leading elective offices, both | Read More »

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