Israel must realize why an American President of Muslim birth and upbringing may place long-standing traditional support of the Jewish State in doubt. Surely, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recognizes this after numerous snubs and insults.

No longer can friendship and a strong military alliance be taken for granted in Israel’s battle for survival. Policies by President Obama and his Party indicate this government’s sympathy rests squarely with the Palestinian people, their rejection of Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital and Israel returning to 1967 indefensible borders.

When Democrats omitted mention of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in their 2012 Party Platform this became clear. Even more revealing was their attempt to reinstate the reference. Boos, jeers and three separate attempts to reinstate the phrase failed to obtain a legitimate vote of approval.

This position by Obama and his Party creates a quandary for Jewish Americans who have been staunch, loyal Democratic Party supporters and campaign contributors. Obama’s re-election could leave Israel alone, unable to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapon facilities and vulnerable to a promised threat of annihilation.

All Americans must consider whether this foreign policy blunder encourages Islamic radicals to intensify terrorist acts of violence? Does it place our safety and security in greater danger from a nuclear armed Iran with long range missile capability?  Will foreign policy weakness and timidity place American citizens, our military and diplomatic personnel abroad in greater danger? These questions represent  why this election is so important.


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