74 year old retired Administrative Law Judge (1987 - 2001) with New York State. Served nine years as an Infantryman (1956 to 1965) with tours of duty in Korea (1957 - 1958) and Berlin (1960 -1963). Served as Instructor (jr) at the Ranger Mountain Camp in Dalonega, GA (1958 - 1960) as a member of the Long Range Patrolling Committee. Left the service as a Staff Sergeant (E-6). Was a New York State Veteran's Counselor (1973 - 1987) and represented more than 1,000 individuals at hearings before the various service's Review Boards regarding their bad paper discharges. In addition to the JD in Law, I have a MBA. I was trying for a double major - Economics and Finance. However, in my final year, a mandatory course in Finance was cancelled. Thus I ended up with a Economics major and a Finance minor. Full disclosure : From September 1965 to December 1965, I worked as a mortgage accounting clerk for a New York savings bank. I have worked as a waiter, cook, bus terminal manager, accounts payable supervisor and as an assistant director of reclamation. Yes, I was an early "Green" before Al Gore. Update - made my first solo parachute jump on April 10, 2011. Was rated "jump qualified" in 1959 but never made a jump. Finally got around to it on my "bucket list." Made two tantem jumps for instruction purposes - never make "master blaster" though - costs too much.