74 year old retired Administrative Law Judge (1987 - 2001) with New York State. Served nine years as an Infantryman (1956 to 1965) with tours of duty in Korea (1957 - 1958) and Berlin (1960 -1963). Served as Instructor (jr) at the Ranger Mountain Camp in Dalonega, GA (1958 - 1960) as a member of the Long Range Patrolling Committee. Left the service as a Staff Sergeant (E-6). Was a New York State Veteran's Counselor (1973 - 1987) and represented more than 1,000 individuals at hearings before the various service's Review Boards regarding their bad paper discharges. In addition to the JD in Law, I have a MBA. I was trying for a double major - Economics and Finance. However, in my final year, a mandatory course in Finance was cancelled. Thus I ended up with a Economics major and a Finance minor. Full disclosure : From September 1965 to December 1965, I worked as a mortgage accounting clerk for a New York savings bank. I have worked as a waiter, cook, bus terminal manager, accounts payable supervisor and as an assistant director of reclamation. Yes, I was an early "Green" before Al Gore. Update - made my first solo parachute jump on April 10, 2011. Was rated "jump qualified" in 1959 but never made a jump. Finally got around to it on my "bucket list." Made two tantem jumps for instruction purposes - never make "master blaster" though - costs too much.


    Are CEO’s overcompensated?

    Not only the “usual suspects” but others have been pointing at the compensation packages given to chief executive officers of large corporations and claiming that the compensation is “too great” and should be reduced. Some are even calling for government regulation of executive compensation.  As a believer in the “free market,” I think that the only ones who should determine the compensation of any employee | Read More »

    FAA – Dumb, Dumber or Dumbest?

    A couple of Air Traffic Controllers have bee ncaught sleeping on the job and the FAA has reacted by requiring Air Traffic Controllers to get nine hours of sleep before each shift rather than eight.  The pointy-haired boss in Dilbert has company at the FAA. In fact, if the pointy-haired boss left Dilbert’s company and went to work for the FAA, I believe that the | Read More »

    Speculators – thermostats or thermometers?

    (Disclaimer : I am not nor have I ever been a speculator. I do have an MBA in Economics (minor Finance) but have never worked in either an economic or financial position.) I have been troubled for many years by allegations made by politicians, some economists and financial writers that the actions of speculators are the cause of the rise in prices – especially oil. | Read More »

    Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill and I have some things in common

    First of all, we all attended law school in the 1970’s – in fact, Anita Hill and I graduated in the same year. What few people know about attending law school in the 1970’s was the “culture” in some law schools. The Feminist Movement was very active on law school campuses but it was very different movement than the Feminist Movement of today.  Prior to | Read More »

    The paper ballot returns to New York

    Just about every honest politician and concerned voter cheered when the paper ballot was replaced by the totalizer machines. It was a great day for those seeking honest elections. Now, our current crop of politicians (dishonest or stupid – take your pick) and the “useful idiots” in the media have returned the voters of New york to the “bad old days” of machine politics and | Read More »

    Moe Lane, you have my sympathy

    Moe : Yesterday, I went to the NYSDMV to renew my driver’s license.  I decided to spend the extra $ 30.00 to get the enhanced version.  I carefully got together all the requested documents except for my Social Security ID card. I lost the last one in a hold-up in the 1970’s and had never bothered to get a new one. I have managed to renew | Read More »

    There are lies, damn lies and “Trouble the Water.”

    There is a documentary being shown tonight on HBO entitled “Trouble the Water.”  It is about Katrina and, having read the review by one of my “usual suspects” – Linda Stasi of the New York Post, I can say that the kindest thing I can say about the filmmakers is that they are are totally ignorant about Katrina and its aftermath. The initial section of | Read More »

    Qualifications for office of President

    I am 70 years old and there have been 11 Presidents in my lifetime. Consider the following about each : Franklin Delano Roosevelt : When he first ran for President, he was considered an intellectual lightweight. H. L. Mencken called him “an amiable dunce.” The famous “Roosevelt Brain Trust” was put together to convince the voter that, while Roosevelt might not be so smart, he | Read More »