Conservative attorney; B.A. with distinction, Political Science and Economics, Kenyon College, 1986; J.D., Emory University School of Law, 1989; Former Chair, Calhoun County, MI Board of Commissioners (3 Terms); Past Republican Nominee for Michigan House of Representatives, District 62, 2000 (lost to Mark Schauer - D).


    Scalia’s Death Means No Room for Error

    The untimely death of U.S. Supreme Court Judge Antonin N. Scalia has more quickly transfixed America’s political discussion than any other issue in recent memory.  Admittedly, there is the unseemly side of such discourse, including the salivating by many on America’s political left who (adopting Rahm Emanuel’s oft quoted inspiration – “never let a serious crisis go to waste”) believe that Scalia’s death presents a glorious opportunity | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    There is little to be gained at the moment rehashing the 2214 different opinions uttered since Tuesday night at about 10:00 pm regarding the demise of the GOP and its prospective resurrection, but there is one stream of thought that needs to be immediately addressed, to wit:  that somehow George Bush is to blame for Obama’s 2012 election.  Sorry, Laura, no sale.  I will grant | Read More »

    Romney’s Performance was a Verbal Waterboarding

    The Geneva Convention was brazenly violated last night. A civilian – heretofore protected by the mainstream media and insulated from harm – was mercilessly subjected to torture – a verbal waterboarding – and the Red Cross was nowhere to be found. In the end, the civilian’s handlers were left to muddle through a post-debate critique, muttering the same ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ that plagued the civilian | Read More »

    Conservatives’ Golden Ticket

    Who says a Carter has never something good for the country? Thanks to James Earl Carter IV, the grandson of the formerly incomparable 39th president of the United States, there is now some clarity, some much needed definition to this election. On the left, you have the ‘redistribution favoring,’ tax, tax, and tax (thank you, Mr. Chief Justice) and spend, spend, and spend liberal, President | Read More »

    A square peg is a square peg is a square peg.

    Law school teaches a few basic legal axioms that are predicates of our legal system and which all lawyers refer back to during their career – contracts require consideration in some form or another, hearsay is only so when used for the truth of the matter asserted, writings are to be interpreted according to their plain meaning and parol evidence is only admissible to clarify an | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    If there is any question that Obama has lost the lustre, is no longer the ‘in’ man in Washington, D.C., have no worries.  Obama is aptly demonstrating that he is ‘in’competent, ‘in’effective, ‘in’adequate and ‘in’ept.  Too bad, we can’t call his presidency ‘in’consequential. While on her tour of the Mideast, Sarah Palin has been openly and repeatedly critical of the Obama Administration.  While I agree | Read More »

    Wallis’ Progressive Call to Arms Misses [the] Mark

    Promoted from the diaries by Bill S. Jim Wallis, the longtime leader of Sojourners, a Washington D.C. based ministry dedicated to articulating “the biblical call to social justice,” used the opportunity in a February 24, 2011 column, “This is Not Fiscal Conservatism. It’s Just Politics,” to take an errant shot at recent Congressional Republican budget proposals and Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker.  Reverend Wallis, as you may recall, | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    Reflecting on Libya today, President Obama labeled government aggression towards its citizenry as ‘outrageous’ and ‘intolerable.’  Ok . . . if Gaddafi’s actions are ‘outrageous’ and ‘intolerable’ – and they are – why does it take the American president four or five days to condemn the activity?  I mean, c’mon, labeling Hitler’s actions despicable and deplorable years after Nazi atrocities wasn’t exactly pushing the envelope, | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    1959 – Cuba – Fulgencio Batista, dictator, militarist led a corrupt and repressive regime.  An American puppet, but hardly a democrat.  Seeds of discontent disturb the Cuban countryside and soon the streets of Havana – America stands largely silent.  After a couple intermediate steps, who emerges from the rudderless revolution?  Fidel Castro – dictator, militarist, communist, who has led a corrupt and repressive regime for more | Read More »

    Observations from the Cheap Seats

    1970’s Redux – WOW!! What a week!! In the span of just seven days, President Obama is proving that his administration is as crooked as President Nixon’s and as incompetent as President Carter’s. In an amazing display of idiocy, the White House trots out an explanation today in Sestakgate (nah . . . don’t like that – not catchy enough) . . . an explanation today in Spectergate | Read More »

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