American Team Takes First with Ten Silvers

    by Lance Thompson On 12 December, Ann Scott Tyson of the Washington Post put out a story on an American Special Forces unit in Afghanistan that prevailed against overwhelming odds in a desperate battle against heavily-armed insurgents. The story was also covered by the Associated Press, and the AP story was posted on the FoxNews website. If you rely on other media for information about | Read More »

    Who is the Fairest of Them All?

    by Lance Thompson Washington–December 2009 Once the Democrats had control of the White House and Congress, they found it surprisingly easy to pass legislation reinstating the “Fairness Doctrine,” which mandated that no conservative thought or utterance could go unchallenged or unpunished. At first, this was applied only to the last bastions of free market principles in media–Fox News and talk radio. But the new regulations | Read More »

    2008 Turkey of the Year Award

    Chef Newt presenting LowDownCentral’s favorite dish: Cooked Goose 7 – John Edwards – for running on family values while fathering a child with his mistress during his wife’s fight with terminal cancer. Yes, we know this is a peacock.


    By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon As many conservatives already know, and the rest of the country is discovering, truth trumps tall tales — sometimes. This little adage was borne out by MSNBC’s recent admission that they had been taken in by the Eisenstadt Hoax. As the disseminators of unchecked lies, the media wanted everyone to believe Sarah Palin was just John McCain’s flight of | Read More »

    Return to Conscience

    by Lance Thompson The recent election left the Republicans out in the cold. Some have recommended that the GOP chase the Democrats and their votes leftward across the political spectrum. Others believe we should return to the core principles of conservatism, and stand up for the issues which once defined us. But what are those principles? Where is the source? Is there an ancient conservative | Read More »

    Nothing in Moderation

    by Lance Thompson In the wake of the presidential election, some Republicans are recommending that the party should soften its views, back away from hard-line conservatism, and blur the differences between us and the Democrats. These people are called moderates, and the prescription they offer is deadly. The Democrats did not win with a moderate candidate. Barack Obama was the nation’s most liberal Senator until | Read More »

    “Welcome to my Abyss” said the Spider to the Fly

    By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon “When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Irony never fails to slip through the cracks in our lives at some of the bleakest moments – like the black widow that entrenches itself in damp crevices and awaits its prey, closing in on it in ever-tightening circles. When the moment is ripe, | Read More »

    Modest Morsels

    by Lance Thompson This column will focus on the positive aspects of the week, so it will be brief. The loss of the presidential race is the work of John McCain and his campaign. Though many other factors contributed to Obama’s win, a good candidate and an effective campaign could have prevailed. After a bruising bare-knuckle campaign in the primary, McCain elected to follow the | Read More »

    An Appeal to Reasons

    by Lance Thompson Americans will vote tomorrow in an election which, contrary to all predictions and manipulations, will be a close one. The arguments against Barack Obama and for John McCain are well known and seem to be gaining some traction in the final hours. I’d like to take this space to mention a few reasons to vote for McCain that aren’t commonly addressed First, | Read More »

    Obama’s Nemesis

    by Lance Thompson Here we are, a few days before the election, and Barack Obama finds himself in a very tight race with his most potentially devastating opponent–himself. In the long campaign that is coming to an end, Obama has knocked off Democrat rivals like the once-sure-thing Hillary Clinton and his own running mate, Joe Biden. Then, when the GOP chose its standard-bearer, Obama ran | Read More »